Behind The Name

The Worn Bookmark



It took awhile to come up with this name.  And in the end, my husband actually thought of it!  (Thanks, E!)  I had a list of names that I liked, but every single one of the names already existed.  I didn’t want to copy anyone else by adding random numbers to the name so I was getting a little bummed that I couldn’t think of anything new.  When he came up with this name, I immediately loved it!  I have this one bookmark that I absolutely love and only use (unless I’m reading more than one book at the same time).

I bought it in Assisi, Italy when I was there in 2009.  I found it in this small artist’s workshop.  I also bought this awesome painting on a wood block.


I wish I had taken a photo of the shop itself.  Ever since then it has been my absolute favorite bookmark.  I would be incredibly upset if I ever lost this bookmark or if it completely fell apart.

And because it is so well loved it is becoming worn, hence name.


The Worn Bookmark

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