Current Project – Collection List

Lately I have been finding myself buying books that I already have but didn’t realize it.  I would find myself standing in the bookstores, usually Half Price Books, and trying very hard to remember if I already owned a particular book.  My last trip to HPB I ended up coming home with 2 books I already owned.  Several times I’ve thought about compiling a list of all of my books so I wouldn’t have this problem anymore.  So tonight is the night that this project begins.

My home is not very big so I don’t have enough space for all of the bookshelves I would need to hold all of the books I own.  So many of my books I have to keep in boxes in our storage room.  When I got home from work tonight I started bringing up the boxes (with E’s help, of course!).  I didn’t realize how many books I owned until I saw the boxes all together!  Five completely full boxes plus what I do keep on bookshelves!


Very Heavy Boxes!


Some are E’s and up front are my comic books


My Gone With The Wind Collection

IMG_1417 IMG_1416 IMG_1414This project could take me a few days.  This weekend is pretty filled up with activities already so I will have to work on it in my free time.  When I am done I will post an update with my final count.

How many books do you have in your collection?


One thought on “Current Project – Collection List

  1. I have also bought books that I already have and I’ve stood in the bookstore racking my brain trying to remember if I had purchased it or not.

    I need to do this, but keep putting it off. I’ve got books in the garage, bookcases, closet, tool shed, and I even have a book pile on my floor by my bed. Now off to see what you have in your collection. 🙂


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