Reading Logs

I don’t know about you but I like to keep a running log of the books that I read.  It’s nice to be able to look back and see that I have read something.  I especially love being able to look back at the books I read during a particular time in my life.  It helps me to remember what kind of mood I was in at the time.  And it’s just nice to remember what books I have read and which ones I may have never finished (oops)!

IMG_20140930_194922In 2010 I created a reading log out of a composition notebook that I had.  It was very easy.  I just had to use a ruler to create the different columns for the information that I wanted to keep track of.  To make the cover, I just used scrapbook paper, stickers, rubber cement and Modge Podge.  Basically I used the rubber cement to glue the paper onto the notebook covers (I did the same thing on the back cover).  Then I put the stickers on the front and put Modge Podge over it all to keep the paper from getting damaged.

IMG_20140930_195000I love bright colors so for recording the books I bought a set of colored RSVP pens.  I used each color twice before moving on to the next color.  My columns are as follows:

Date Started, Date Finished, Title and Author, Number of Pages and one last column to mark if it was a library book, Kindle book, borrowed, or a re-read.

I also like to give myself a goal for each season.  I divide the year up into the four seasons.  Winter season overlaps years.  Each season is made up into 3 months.  Winter: December, January, February – Spring: March, April, May – Summer: June, July, August – Fall: September, October, November.  At the start of each season, which I usually call quarters, I make a goal for the number of books I want to read.  I always record how many I read that season at the top of the page.

IMG_20140930_195034At the back of the book I keep track of what my goal was for the quarter and how well I did.

IMG_20140930_195047Then in another part of the back of the notebook I keep track of my Goodreads Yearly Reading Challenge Stats.  I love using Goodreads to keep track of my books, find new books to read, see what my friends are reading.  One thing I especially love about Goodreads is the yearly reading challenge.  Every year you can give yourself a goal for the challenge and as you log the books you read it counts them towards your challenge.

goodreads2Last year my goal was to read 48 books and I ended up reading 59!  So for this year I decided to make my goal 60 books.  I surprised myself by meeting that goal WAY early and really surpassing it!

goodreads1I’m at 87 books already and I still have 3 full months to add to that total!  And even better, only one of those months is my month to drive for carpool so I will have plenty of time to rack up the total!

Do you like to keep a reading log of some kind?


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