Half Price Books… Again!

I have an addiction to Half Price Books!  It is definitely my favorite store in the world.  Ethan and I had a few things to sell so we headed up to our nearest HPB.  I also got a 15% off entire order coupon from the sale yesterday so I wanted to take a look and see if I could find anything I wanted there.  I ended up finding some great stuff!

IMG_20141005_155357My Philippa Gregory collection is almost complete thanks to today’s haul!  I started getting into her books because of my obsession with Henry VIII and his wives.

But my best find of the day was the last two books I needed to finally have a complete hardcover set of The Wheel of Time series!  I was so excited to find them on the shelf that I almost squealed with joy out loud!

IMG_20141005_155452Book two and three took forever to find in HPB.  I could have easily just purchased them from Amazon but that would have cost quite a bit more.  I got them for $7.99 each!  I already owned all of the mass market paperback editions of the series but I wanted to have the collection in hardcover because they last longer, especially with how thick each book is.  And let’s face it, the hardcovers just look better on the bookshelf!

IMG_20141005_155707(Sorry for the glare!  This shelf faces the sliding glass door to the deck in our living room.)

One thought on “Half Price Books… Again!

  1. Ah! Someone else who’s still into hardcovers! Folks talk about how heavy they are, and I haven’t got the strongest arms in the world, but I still like hardcovers the best. I’ll need to make a trip to HPB pretty soon myself. 🙂


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