Not A Good Day

Today is not turning out to be a very good day.  I started getting sick yesterday so I didn’t sleep well last night.  Then when I opened my book and to start reading in the car this morning, I discovered something that upset me quite a bit…  My bookmark that gave this blog its namesake is quite possibly damaged forever.


The painting is gone!  You can see that it completely fell off!  Looks like the artist only used double sided tape to adhere it to the bookmark.  It has been in use almost everyday for over 5 years so the tape must have just worn out completely.  For those of you new to the blog, this bookmark means a lot to me.  I purchased it in Assisi, Italy when I was there during college in 2009.  This is what the bookmark looked like before:


I was hoping this day would never come.  Or at least I was hoping that if it did fall off, I would notice immediately and would be able to glue it back on.  I looked all over in the car for it but couldn’t find it.  The only place I have left to look is in my bedroom at home.  I was reading in there last night and the bookmark had fallen off of my nightstand onto the floor.  I am hoping like hell that I’ll get home and find it right away.  I will be crushed if it’s gone.  I know that it is just a bookmark to everyone else, but to me it’s a lot more than that.

Cross your fingers for me to find it at home!!  I’ll be back later today with the 30 Day Book Challenge – Day 7 post.  If I find it or not, I’ll add a little update at the bottom of that post.


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