NaNo Update!

It is now Day 5 and I am going strong!  I’ve been averaging around 2,000 words per day so I am ahead of schedule.  My last word count was just over 10,000 words!  That makes me so ridiculously happy!  I’m hoping like hell that I can keep it up.

I haven’t gotten up early to write before work, which for me would be nearly impossible.  I am not a morning person at all.  On the weekend, I would write for a few hours and then take a break.  During the week, I write on my lunch break which is an hour long.  And then I write some more when I get home.  When I’m at work, I hand write everything in a notebook and then when I get home I type it all into my Word document and continue writing.

I am not good at writing book summaries as you may have noticed, so my story is still pretty much under wraps.  The only person who knows what my book is about is Ethan.  I made him read through my notes before NaNo started to see what he thought of my idea.

Are you doing NaNo this year?  How far have you gotten?  Do you think you will finish?


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