Fall 2014 Reading Quarter – Fail

Since summer 2012 I have divided the year into reading quarters.  I may have mentioned this before on this blog but I can’t remember.  Before I created this blog I used to post them on my original blog, Minnesotascatterbrain.  So if you’re interested in my previous reading quarters, you can check them out here.  Every quarter I give myself a goal of a certain number of books I want to read.  This is the first quarter that I have not met my goal.  In fact, I usually exceed my goal.  Only once have I read exactly the number of my goal.  So this being the first time I haven’t reached that goal disappoints me but at the same time, it doesn’t because it’s only the first time.  My goal was 13 books but I was short by 3.

Best book read: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Worst book read: Her First American by Lore Segal (followed closely by Go Ask Alice by Anonymous)

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The marriage game



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