Book Review: Cinder


I had been hearing about this series a lot lately and many of the blogs I read have raved about the series.  I was a little hesitant to read it because of the cyborg and android stuff.  I have never really been into that kind of futuristic stuff.  But I finally gave in and decided I had to try it out.  And the only regret I have is waiting as long as I did to read it!

Quick summary: Cinder is a mechanic and also a cyborg.  Cyborgs are considered to be second class citizens so she is not treated very well by those around her despite her talents.  Her life gets turned upside down when Prince Kai visits her market booth and her younger stepsister contracts letumosis – the plague.

I really enjoyed this book!  I started it late Sunday evening and only was able to read 50 pages before I needed to get to bed for work the next morning.  I had never been more happy that this month is not my driving month for carpool so I have more reading time.  I read on the way to work, read during my hour long lunch, read on the way home and read some more until later Monday evening I finished it.  I literally would not have put the book down if I didn’t have to work.

The story was so imaginative and the re-imagining of Cinderella, the evil stepmother and stepsisters was refreshing!  I was immediately drawn into Cinder’s world and I had a lot of fun visualizing New Beijing and all of the characters.

My only issue with the book was how abruptly it ended!  A pretty big bombshell was dropped and then it was over!  Ahhhhh!  Meyer definitely knew how to keep her readers wanting more!  I couldn’t wait to start the sequel, Scarlet (which I am now currently halfway through).

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and would recommend this book to anyone who loves YA fantasy and fiction.  If you love fairy tales, this is a very interesting re-imagining of one!  Check out The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer if you haven’t already!  You won’t regret it.


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