Getting Caught Up Before Christmas

So it’s been a busy few weeks lately and I feel like I’ve been running at full steam.  I don’t think it will let up until after the New Year so I’m working on getting all caught up with my reviews for NetGalley and prepping my usual weekly posts for Tuesday and Wednesday.  When I was on my lunch break at work I wrote a to-do list for tonight, hoping that it would keep me motivated to finish everything.  My hubby’s parents are divorced so we have three Christmases this week.  Then my brother and his fiance are coming on Sunday so we’ll have another Christmas then, too.

The first thing on my to-do list tonight was to do reviews for all of the NetGalley books that I haven’t written up yet.  So as you can see, I just finished doing all of those.  I always seem to forget to post them on my blog too.  So my next task is to come up with some sort of logging system to record when I receive an ARC, when I read it, when I finish it, when I review it, etc.  The recommended approval to feedback percentage is 80% so I am trying my very best to catch up.  I am currently at 75% and am halfway done reading the next ARC so I should be able to end the year with 80%.

For those of you that read ARCs, whether it be for NetGalley or some other website, do you have a log to keep track of them?


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