Overflowing Bookshelves

So with all of the books that I have acquired this month I have been working on making more room on my bookshelves for them.  It is now official that every shelf I have is 100% full!  No more room to cram anything else in.  My mom stopped by yesterday to see our new dishwasher (I know… super exciting!).  She saw my big pile of books on the coffee table that I posted about yesterday and told me I need another bookshelf.  Well, that would be nice but there is no room anywhere for another bookshelf haha.  So then she told me that I need to get rid of some of them to make room for the new.  I just laughed in her face.  There is not a single book in my house that I want to get rid of!

These two bookshelves are in our bedroom.  The bottom shelf in the first photo has a bunch of E’s books.

IMG_20141227_133542 IMG_20141227_133704I even have to have a small shelf in my stairwell!

IMG_20141227_133929The majority of this shelf is E’s.  I only claimed the top shelf for my Gone With The Wind books.

IMG_20141227_134028This shelf is mostly mine, with a few of E’s graphic novels on the top shelf and textbook tucked under the bottom of the shelf.

IMG_20141227_134118And in addition to my large book collection I also have a large TV season collection (and movie collection).  I was able to condense my TV seasons on their shelves and freed up the entire bottom shelf for some more books!

IMG_20141227_134207Now if only I had been remembering to update my collection list while I acquired new books!


2 thoughts on “Overflowing Bookshelves

  1. Of course the man would have an Adam Carolla book. Check out my banner and I have one there too. Good luck with your books, and your blogging. May we one day find a solution as to what to do with all these books so we aren’t featured on an episode of Hoarders.


    • Nice! I actually enjoy Adam Carolla myself. We got to see him do a live podcast last year in Minneapolis, so much fun. I’ve been trying to get rid of clutter this month so I wouldn’t be on en episode of Hoarders but books is where I draw the line.


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