The Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt

I came across a fun post on Blu Chicken Ninja today and decided I wanted to do this tag.  The Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt!  Took me awhile to do because my books are scattered between our first floor and second floor.  But it was good exercise 🙂

Find an author’s name or title with the letter Z in it:

01The Z in Elizabeth is the closest I could get.

Find a classic:

02Love this book so much!

Find a book with a key on it:

This one is the only one I could not find.  I scoured all of my books but no such luck!

Find something on your bookshelf that’s not a book:

03Find the oldest book on your shelf:

04.1A copy of Much Ado About Nothing from 1898.  The cover is no longer attached but it’s still pretty.

Find a book with a girl on the cover:

05A girl AND the word girl, double score!  I love this book!

Find a book with a boy on the cover:

06So it’s only a partial boy but it’s the best I could do.

Find a book that has an animal in it:

07A woman and a stolen horse on the run from the law.  Good book.

Find a book with a male protagonist:

08Read this book in a college English class and loved it.

Find a book with only words on it:

09I got this one for Christmas from my husband’s aunt.  I haven’t read it yet but am looking forward to it once I’m caught up on the series.

Find a book with illustrations in it:

10A companion book to The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan complete with illustrations of characters, maps and creatures.

Find a book with gold lettering:

11It’s hard to tell in this photo but I swear, the lettering is gold!

Find a diary (true or fictional).

12Read this a few months ago, couldn’t stand it.

Find a book written by someone with a common name (like Smith):

13I would say Anderson is a pretty common name.

Find a book that has a close-up of something on it:

14A close-up of Anne Boleyn’s head.

Find a book on your shelf that takes place in the earliest time period:

15Biography of Cleopatra.

Find a hardcover book without a jacket:

16This book is technically my husband’s but I bought it for him and read them and actually enjoyed them.

Find a teal/turquoise coloured book:

17Not exactly teal or turquoise but it’s close enough to count.

Find a book with stars on it:

18You can just barely see them but they are there in the background.  Book two of the Sookie Stackhouse series.

Find a non-YA book:

19Another excellent read.

Find the longest book you own:

20At 1,037 pages this is the longest book that I own.

Find the shortest book you own:

IMG_20150122_192831Anyone of these crappy board books I had purchased for my goddaughter when she would come over.  Each book literally has 5 total sentences.

Find a book with multiple PoVs:

21Each chapter is from a different POV of one several main characters.

Find a shiny book:

22It’s so shiny it’s like a mirror!  Loved this book and wish there was more of Lisbeth Salander and Mikhail Blomkvist for me to read!

Find a book with flowers on it:

23Flowers… check.  Haven’t read this one.

And I hate tagging people in these things so if you want to join in, feel free!


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