Top Ten Books On My Spring TBR List

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Each week there is a new topic and this week’s topic is: Top Ten Books On My Spring TBR List.


I have so many ARC print copies that I need to catch up on and review!  This is what I’m going to be concentrating on this spring.  Of course I’ll throw in a few just because books, especially if some of these ARCs are not to my liking.  I also will have a few reads for book club depending on if I can get access to them or not.  I’m feeling like three book clubs is too many at this point… it’s a bit overwhelming when I have so many other things going on for reading.  The one I plan on staying active in for sure, no matter what, is Blogger’s Book Club.  I’ve had a lot of fun with that group this month!

What is on your spring TBR list?


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Books On My Spring TBR List

    • A couple of the print ARCs I have are probably already published by now. I’m still going to read and review them though. I just started doing this last fall so I wasn’t completely organized. Once I get through all of these, I have a system to make sure I don’t get too overwhelmed again!


    • I have a lot of YA on my list this year, too. I was at Half Price Books yesterday hoping to find some of the YA books I’ve been wanting to read but my location didn’t have any of the ones I want! So sad lol.


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