Matching Series Format: Yay or Nay?

This is a topic that constantly comes up for me when I think about buying new books in a series.  If I have a series started in paperback, do I continue to buy paperback but have to wait?  Or do I buy the hardcover when it is released?  While I love the look of having matching series formats, sometimes it is just too damn hard to wait!  Ideally I would love to have all of my series matching… it just looks so much nicer on the shelves.  That way they also take up exactly the same amount of room so it’s easier to place them and place other books around them.  My shelves are so full that I have books stacked vertically and horizontally… and books stacked horizontally on top of those books that are stacked vertically if there is room.Matching Tall series matching wide 2 Matching wide

There have been times when I have jumped into a series late in the game, started off with paperback but couldn’t wait for the future releases to come out in paperback so I immediately bought the hard cover.

Mismatchedcouldn'twaitAnd then there are those series where I buy them second hand so I don’t always have a choice what format I buy.  It makes it a lot cheaper so my wallet likes when I buy used books.  Some may even be the same format, but a different edition.

mismatched While I would love to have all matching formats for my series, I do not plan to re-purchase any books that are mismatched.  That money could be used for the better purpose of buying books I don’t already have! 🙂

One thing that really bugs me though is that there doesn’t really seem to be a universal size for books.  I wish that all books had the same dimensions in terms of width and height.  Hardcovers could be W many inches by X many inches and paperbacks could be Y many inches by Z many inches.  It would make it so much easier to arrange books on shelves!  I really appreciate that most mass market paperback editions are relatively the same size.

What about you?  Do you have to have all of your series in matching formats or do you just deal with whatever you can get?


12 thoughts on “Matching Series Format: Yay or Nay?

    • I feel like I see so many people with books that are all the same size and it looks so awesome on the shelves! I don’t know if that’s because people arrange them that way or what but I feel like all of my shelves are so irregular in terms of book size lol.


      • Lol I’m the same way! There are some books that I want to keep together because they are the same subject (mostly my non-fiction books) and I want to keep my books from the same author together, too.


    • I am the same way when it comes to buying books. My favorite store is a used book store haha. I prefer paperback for a few reasons: easier to read, lighter to carry around (I always have a book in my purse), and generally cheaper.

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  1. Many of my series’ books do not match, mostly because I’ve started a few late into the game. And although it is so tempting (so very tempting) to buy hardbacks so they all match, I’m trying to change this part of myself because all that extra money I would spend trying to make everything perfect can be better spent on new books.

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    • The extra money is definitely much better spent on new books rather than trying to make the series match. There have been very few occasions when I have re-purchased a book in order to get a specific cover to match the others I have.


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