Question of the Day: Reading Journal

I have a question for all of my fellow bloggers who read and review books!  Lately I’ve been tossing around the idea of keeping a notebook handy while I’m reading so I can jot down my thoughts as I read, especially if it’s a book I plan to review or for my book club.  So my question is this…

When you’re reading a book that you plan on reviewing (or reading for a book club), do you take notes while you read?  For those of you that do – do you have a special book journal like ones I’ve seen on Amazon with a template or do you just use a regular notebook and have your own format?

As of March 13th, I have officially had this blog for 6 months and am always looking for ways to improve my posts.  I’m just not sure if this is worth doing and am curious what others are doing!  So, please comment away and let me know your thoughts! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Reading Journal

  1. I’ve started keeping a notebook (in addition to updating my thoughts on goodreads as I read) but it’s a normal notebook. I usually just put the date, how far into the book I am, and what I’m thinking. These thoughts vary from patterns I’ve noticed to quotes I like or characters I find interesting. I’m thinking some of the lines might actually make it into my reviews. The big thing, though, has been that it’s helping me remember what I’m reading, which I find very valuable for writing the final review.

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  2. I have a lovely stack of journals and notebooks with writing on the first two pages until the novelty of keeping a reading journal wears off. What works for me is keeping a copious amount of post-its nearby, and when I come across a quote that is interesting, I place a post-it directly above said quote. If I need to,I


  3. I sometimes use index cards to jot down notes for books I plan to review for my blog.

    I’m also a book reviewer for a history magazine. For that, I use a larger notebook so I can jot down notes quickly and reference them while I’m writing the book review.

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  4. I have a cheap little notebook that I jot stuff down in when I read, especially if it’s a busy week or I’m traveling, so I know that I won’t have time to write up a more formal review until later on. My most helpful accessory is my supply of post-it flags — I’m always marking pages so I’ll remember to come back to them. Good luck!

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