Oops… So Much For A Book Buying Ban

I put myself on a temporary book buying ban a couple of weeks ago.  And today I broke that ban.  Oops!  E and I were up in Apple Valley today doing a bit of shopping for him to get some nice clothes for interviews and work.  We ended up eating lunch right across the street from Half Price Books so I begged him to go!  I was only going to look in the clearance section but I decided to stop by the YA section and see if there was anything good.  I was very pleasantly surprised to see the biggest selection of Dear America books I have ever seen at this HPB.  I couldn’t resist.  As I stood there struggling to remember which ones I already have I remembered that I had added mine into Goodreads.  I had to look up each one individually but I was able to come away with 5 books that I didn’t have!


  • Land of the Buffalo Bones
  • My Face to the Wind
  • All the Stars in the Sky
  • Survival in the Storm
  • Valley of the Moon

They had some of The Royal Diaries as well but I figured that I should probably not even look.

So here is my full collection now:

IMG_20150328_153623This was one of my favorite book series when I was growing up!  I’ve been gradually adding to my collection over the years and get really excited when I find one that I haven’t even read yet!  Hopefully one day when we move into a bigger home I’ll have room for more bookshelves because these (and many others) currently live in boxes in our storage room.

Do you have a favorite book series you grew up reading that you collect now?


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