Last Book Haul of April

I meant to post this on Wednesday but I completely forgot.  Oops!  So I was bad and went back to the book sale again on Wednesday.  I posted about my town’s annual book sale on Tuesday here.  I told myself I wasn’t going to go again and that I had already gotten all of the books I wanted.  But I just couldn’t help myself and went back again on Wednesday.


I still only spent $15 though so I still felt mostly okay with my little trip.  I got some really great ones I couldn’t believe I almost missed out on!

IMG_20150429_110132 (1)

After watching shows like Big Love and Sister Wives and reading Jon Krakauer’s Under the Banner of Heaven, I’ve been pretty interested in Mormon Fundamentalism and polygamy.  It just seems such a crazy thing to me that I can’t help being fascinated by it.  I was raised in a Lutheran household, although I am not particularly religious now.  It’s always been interesting to read about other religions that are so so so completely different.  I had seen The 19th Wife, which is an historical fiction about one of Brigham Young’s wives and knew I had to read it.

Then I saw The Maze Runner and snatched it up!  I’ve seen so many people like it but haven’t been able to get it from my library and did not want to pay full price in case I didn’t like it.  At $2 I couldn’t beat that price.

I have been wanting to read The Kitchen House forever so I was really glad to find that one as well!  There were a few copies so I was able to pick the one in the best condition too which is always nice when buying secondhand.


I’ve had Never Let Me Go (amongst other Kazuo Ishiguro books) on my TBR for a long time so I was really happy to find the only copy of this one.

Ever since reading A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson I have been slowly collecting his other books.  I was able to get In A Sunburned Country, which is about his travels in Australia, and The Lost Continent, which is about his travels in small-town America.  They had one other one but I decided to just let that one go for now.  The Lost Continent is not in the greatest shape because it was an old library book.  The cover is bent in several places but that’s okay.  I think it kind of adds to the character of the cover that has a coffee stain and slivers of road maps.


I grabbed Sarum on a spur of the moment thing.  On Tuesday at the sale I bought one of his Ireland books, and I already have his book, Russka.

Gone With The Wind… I have a collection of various editions of GWTW.  Normally I wouldn’t have bought a mass market paperback but my reading copy is not in the greatest shape so I got this one as a backup.


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