Weekend Up North

A couple of weeks ago my parents asked us if we wanted to go up to Lake Superior for the first weekend of May for a quick little getaway.  Of course we jumped on that opportunity because we LOVE the north shore.  We drove up Friday night after work to Tofte, MN to stay at Chateau Leveaux.  We stopped for a late dinner at a little cafe not too far from the hotel.  The food was okay but we probably won’t eat there again in the future.

Coho CafeWhen we got to the hotel it was too dark to see what kind of view of the lake we got.  We were going to get up early on Saturday to make the most of the day while we were up there.  My dad’s clock was off so we ended up getting up at 6 am.  That was okay though because we got to spend a little time exploring around the hotel shoreline, which was really awesome.  The lake was so calm it looked like glass and you couldn’t tell where the water ended and the sky began on the horizon.

Chateau LeveauxAfter a little exploring, we headed north up to Grand Marais.  My parents had some business to attend to so Ethan and I spent some time on the pebble beach of the harbor looking for agates.

Grand Marais 1My parents are in the process of looking for some type of property up north so we drove up to some of the inland lakes at some properties that were for sale.  We went up the Arrowhead Trail to Tom Lake and then cut over to the Gunflint Trail.PANO_20150502_115036

For lunch we stopped at Trail Center on the Gunflint Trail and had a delicious lunch.  After driving around for awhile longer we decided to head back to Grand Marais to do a little shopping and walking around before the shops closed.  Then we went to the new brewery in town to celebrate Ethan’s birthday early.  Grand Marais 3After the brewery we walked around Grand Marais some more.  They have a really cool school called the North House Folk School where you can take all different kinds of classes like building outdoor ovens, boats, basket weaving… So many different things!  It’s right on the harbor and next to the campground so we walked through the campground after that.  Grand Marais 2For dinner we decided to head south to Lutsen and head up the mountain a little bit where the ski resorts are.  We ate at Moguls Grille & Tap Room.  I was still feeling really full from the amazing burger I had at lunch at Trail Center so I wanted something light.  Ethan and I both ordered the smoked chicken Caesar salad and it was incredible!

IMG_20150502_190857The chicken had some sort of seasoning that we couldn’t quite place but it was so delicious!  Definitely the best chicken Caesar I’ve ever had.  Up the mountain a little ways is an entrance to the Superior Hiking Trail so we went for a quick little hike to see the Poplar River.

Poplar River 1Poplar River 2I loved the sound of the roaring water and it was so beautiful!  It’s incredible how powerful water is.  On the way back to the hotel we passed by the Cascade River falls so we got out quick to see it.

Cascade RiverWe ended off a great day down by the lake with some beer and wine, relaxing under the moonlight.  My mom had a meeting back home at 1 pm today so we had to leave right away in the morning.  But we had a wonderful little trip in one of our favorite places in the world.

Ethan and I will be heading back up north the second weekend of June and I couldn’t be more excited to go!


8 thoughts on “Weekend Up North

    • It was awesome! You should! I don’t think I’ve ever done anything on the Wisconsin side yet. Weekend escapes are great, until it’s Monday and your mind is still on vacation mode haha.


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