Upcoming Projects – Bookish and Not So Bookish

I have two projects that I will be starting soon.  The first one, the not so bookish project, I will be starting tonight after work.  Currently our nightstands are the same ones that I had in my teenage bedroom.  They are great, solid wood but the colors just don’t work with the color scheme in our house now.  Our bedroom walls are painted a teal like color called Key Largo.  This photo was taken shortly after we moved in 3 years ago so it looks a lot different now.  But as you can see, the nightstands don’t exactly work well with the walls.  We have since got matching black dressers as well so I decided I want to paint them black.



The paint that is currently on the nightstands was leftover paint from when my mom and I painted my room at home when I was in high school.  I posted this photo awhile back with a tag I did.  As you can see, I love bright colors!  The paint has started to chip but it has lasted for over 10 years!

bedroom collage

So it’s time to move on and make them look like they fit in our house.  So tonight I will begin the process of sanding them and over the next few days start painting them.  I’ll post before and after photos when I’m done.

The second project, which is the bookish project, is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but could never really find a good example to get ideas of how I wanted to execute it.  I’ve wanted a nice book journal to keep track of the books I buy, their cost, when and where I bought them…  Basically a way to keep track of my collection. Especially for my Kindle books.  I have so many but I forget all about them because I never remember to look at what I have.  Yesterday when I decided to try looking for ideas again I found exactly what I was looking for. (Photo links to original blogger – It’s My Life!)

I found this post on Pinterest and it was almost exactly the same as what I wanted to do!  I certainly don’t have the money to buy a Filofax (those things are super spendy!) so I managed to find a cheaper option on Amazon.  I just ordered the things I need today so I should get them on Tuesday since it is Memorial Weekend.  I don’t plan on doing exactly what that blogger did but something similar and combine it with an element from this post from another Filofax user.  In that post, she has small photos of the book covers in her binder.  I’m going to do that for my Kindle books because just looking at the list of titles I don’t always remember what a particular book is about.  But if I see the cover I can remember it.  (Photo links back to her post – Incarnations of Organization)


I am really excited for both of these projects!  But I will be pretty busy over the weekend working on the nightstands so I may be AWOL until that project is over.

Do you have any fun projects (bookish or non-bookish) that you’re currently working on or want to do?

16 thoughts on “Upcoming Projects – Bookish and Not So Bookish

  1. Both sound exciting! 🙂
    Can’t wait to see and hear about your progress with it all!
    The book journal sounds like a really good idea, especially for Kindle books.
    I have so many Kindle books that I just forgot most of what I have and lately I’ve rarely been looking at them.

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    • Yes! I went to print off the list of all of my Kindle books from the Manage Your Content and Devices page and it’s 17 pages long including my NetGalley books. Yikes! Every time I look at the list, which is not often, I always find at least a couple I completely forgot I had!


  2. I know just what you mean about forgotten eBooks. I’m always surprised when getting ready to start a new book on my reader. Actually, the nightstands are sort of bookish – assuming they’re sometimes used to hold books.

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    • They do actually, well mine does anyways. Every night if I read a little before bed I set my book on top underneath my phone. Occasionally I also use the bottom “shelf” of my nightstand to hold a few books.

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  3. Ooh good luck with completing these two projects! I especially can’t wait to see your book journal! I have done something similar in idea to it for my Kobo, on my computer. 🙂 Can’t wait to see how your nightstands turn out too! ❤

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  4. Looks like fun! Sometimes a visual reminder is the most important thing — and I agree, when I see the titles listed on my Kindle months after the fact, sometimes I have no clue what they are. I tend to rely on Excel spreadsheets for tracking everything, but I can see how a physical journal would be super helpful. Good luck with your painting project! Your teen bedroom photos are adorable.

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  6. That’s a lovely idea! I have a similar problem too of keeping track of books I’ve downloaded and want to read later. For many weeks now, I’ve been meaning to make a spreadsheet of all of them genre-wise with links to their GoodReads page so I can have a look at the synopsis and decide if that should be my next read. Once I do this, I’ll make a proper page on my blog with all my TBR books.

    Good luck with this project ! Can’t wait to read about it. 😀

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