Non-Bookish Project Complete!

Over the weekend I finally had the time to start a project I have been wanting to do for a long time.  I talked a little bit about it in this post.  The nightstands we have are from my childhood bedroom and were painted very bright colors.  They were great in my room at home but weren’t working too well with our current wall colors.  So I decided to paint them black.

I wanted to get a paint that would stand up to being in use everyday.  I went to Menards and was checking out the paint aisle and found what I figured would be perfect.  Of course, I do not claim to be an expert at all in painting furniture so don’t take my word for it!


I got a semi-gloss enamel paint that they say is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.  It promised a durable finish and that it was scrubbable and stain resistant.  That’s exactly what I was looking for.  And the best part was that it was on sale!  So Ethan and I brought them down to the garage and set them up on some old newspaper to protect the garage floor.


Then I lightly went over all of the surfaces with a medium grit sandpaper to rough up the surface a bit.  The paint was a primer and paint all in one so I wasn’t too worried about making the paint stick.  We didn’t patch any of the chips or anything like that either.  They aren’t that noticeable and nobody but us will see them so it wasn’t a big deal for us.


Ethan helped me do the first coat.  I had him work on his nightstand which is the blue one with three drawers.  I’m very particular about my things so if my nightstand was going to get messed up then I’d rather that it was me that messed it up haha 🙂

partial first coatMy nightstand has one drawer and a small shelf in the lower portion of the stand.  I like to keep notebooks, candles, Scentsy melts on that shelf and on the bottom shelf I sometimes keep extra books or books that I feel in the mood to read.  I thought about using the leftover paint from our bedroom walls to paint the inside of the drawers to give it a little extra dimension but I decided not to because the paint was only eggshell sheen and I wanted to be able to clean it easily.  I keep various things in the drawer like my chapstick, reading glasses, pens, journals, matches, etc.

drawerMy nightstand took three full coats.  I was hoping that only two coats would cover it but there was still some green showing through so on Sunday I painted the final coat.  It’s been raining since Sunday almost non-stop so it’s taken awhile to fully dry.  But I finally was able to have it brought back up to our bedroom today.

alldoneallsetThat looks so much better now!!!!  Love it!

In other news, I am almost done with my bookish project mentioned in that same post at the beginning of this one.  I might have to make a few changes though because I’m actually running out of room but I still have pages to add 😦

Check back for an update on that project!


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