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Day 3 of Armchair BEA is upon us!  Today’s topic is Character Chatter.

It’s time to give your favorite characters some love! Characters are essential to a story, and they can make or break a book for some readers. Now’s your chance to shine the spotlight on your favorite characters, or maybe your least favorite. Who’s your favorite couple? What are the components of a well written character? What are you favorite or least favorite cliches associated with characters?

For me, characters are what makes a story great.  Some of my favorite characters are the strong female characters who are their own person and don’t give a damn what anyone thinks of them.  Some of my favorite female characters are Elizabeth Bennet, Scarlett O’Hara, Fanny Price, Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser, and Nynaeve al’Meara.  As for the men… I love a strong man who is kind and charming but I also have a bit of a thing for the bad guy but only if he is charming.  Some of my favorite male characters include Jamie Fraser, Perrin Aybara, Brennus (from Amy Bartol’s Premonition series), Rhett Butler, and Mr. Darcy.  Any well written character needs to have a strong personality… nobody wants to read about a dull main character.  My favorite literary couple would have to be Claire and Jamie Fraser.  They are both such unique individuals with very strong personalities and when they come together, love and passion explode and they make the most amazing pairing together.  I love the way Diana Gabaldon has written them as individuals AND as a couple.  My favorite cliches associated with characters are when the good guy and/or gal gets the happy ending and the bad guy and/or gal gets screwed.  When I read books without a happy ending and no sequel to bring things back around, I feel a bit cheated and resent the author just a little bit 🙂

What are some of your favorite characters?

One thought on “Armchair BEA Character Chatter

  1. One of my favorite female characters is Gervaise, featured in L’Assommoir by Zola. I love her spirit and how she struggles to survive and make a better life for herself and her children.

    A favorite male is Dr Horace Bianchon from Balzac’s Human Comedy.

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