Weekend Update: Bookish and Non

I fear that I’ve fallen into a bit of a reading slump.  I’ve been stuck on the same books for almost two weeks now without making much or any progress at all.  There has been so much going on the past couple of weeks that reading has kind of been pushed to the back burner.  And then everytime I attempted to read I just wasn’t into it.  It’s getting pretty frustrating!  These are the three books I’ve been stuck on.

Weekend Update

My brother and his fiance had a wedding shower here on Saturday.  It was nice to see them, even if it was only a short time.  My aunt from Kansas City came up and it’s always a fun time when she’s around!  My uncle and aunt from St. Paul came down too.  My uncle invited Ethan and I up to there place sometime this fall to do a weekend marathon of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies.  That is going to be awesome!

Yesterday I finally got my photos from our trip uploaded onto my computer and Facebook.  We had such a good time on the north shore, as always.  It always sucks when we have to leave and come back to reality.  I’ll be doing a second post later today or tomorrow with photos from the trip.  I have some from both my phone and my camera so I’m trying to get them in order.

How was everybody’s weekend?


3 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Bookish and Non

  1. I look forward to seeing your pictures. We couldn’t go to our lake house this weekend due to logistical problems, but it ended up thunder storming the whole time, so we didn’t miss out.
    Maybe you could forget those books for a while and pick up something else?

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  2. I’m sorry about your book slump. Those happen to me way too often, and I know how frustrating they are!!

    I’m glad you had a nice trip and got so much time with family! Sounds like a great time. 🙂

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