Weekend Getaway Fun

I had a great weekend, both bookish and non.  We went camping in New Ulm with our friends and toured the local brewery there.  On Friday the guys (Ethan and Bill) went down in the morning to make sure we could get a campsite.  It was so packed the only reason they ended up getting a site was that someone had cancelled the rest of their stay!  None of us had ever seen anything like it in the state parks.03

I got off work early and headed home to feed the cats and pick up Nicky, who is also Bill’s girlfriend.  New Ulm is a very Germanic town so we decided to hit up the German restaurant for dinner.  Eh… it wasn’t so great in terms of quality or price.  We came out of the restaurant to find the town soaked and it looked as though it would rain again so we headed back to our campsite.  We made it back just in time!01

It started pouring, thundering and lightning.  At one point there must have been a strike really close by because the thunder cracked so loud you could feel it.  We were each hanging out in our tents to wait out the storm.  That gave me the perfect opportunity to read for a bit.  02

The rain probably lasted around 20 minutes or so.  Then we emerged from the tents and decided to have a fire.  Luckily Bill had kept all of the wood in the trunk of his car.  Unfortunately the fire pit was sopping wet so it took a little while to get the fire going.


The next morning I got up around 6:30 since I can never sleep in when we camp.  Everybody else was still sleeping so I had some more time to read.  It was really peaceful.  Then after everybody else got up and showered, the guys made us breakfast.04After breakfast we had time to kill before heading over to the brewery so we just explored the campground for awhile.  When we got to the brewery we were going to buy our tour tickets and just wait around.  They have tours at 12, 1, 2, 3 & 4 but they always sell out so we got there at 10:45.  We were just milling around the gift shop when they came and told us that a private tour at 11 got cancelled so if we were interested we could do our tour then.  We jumped right on that.  There was only the four of us, plus another couple and the tour guide!  Their other tours have 50 people.  It was a great tour.  At the end we did a tasting and since our group was so small we got to get our samples from the tap rather than the bottles like they do with the large groups.  I discovered my new favorite beer!  Schell’s Goosetown.   And since I didn’t mention it before, this was the Schell’s Brewery.  The tour was only $3 each and we got to sample at least 5 different kinds of their beer and have a full glass of our choice.  After the tour we walked around the grounds.  They had a cool garden area and a deer pen.  They also have two peacocks that roam the property.  We only saw one though that day.05They also had a beer garden so we hung out there for awhile before heading back to the campground.  Here are a few more photos from the brewery.


I forgot to take a photo here so this is one of Ethan’s Snapchats


The founder, August Schell, built this home in the background


Beer garden time – I went with the 1919 root beer since I had to drive us back. The beer in Ethan’s mug is my new favorite though – Schell’s Goosetown

After we got back to our campsite everyone was pretty tired from all the beer and lack of sleep so we had a mellow afternoon.  Nicky took a nap and the guys sat around the fire talking.  I decided to spend some more time reading.


We left later that night around 9 because there were a bunch more storms coming through.  We had a lot of fun and wished we could stay longer but didn’t want to mess with the storm that was coming.

Then yesterday Ethan and I had a nice relaxing day at home.  I spent 90% of my time reading and was able to finish Drums of Autumn!  It was such a good book!  I wanted to start the next book right away but I’m still working my way through my 20 Books of Summer.

All in all I had a great weekend and I was able to read around 400 pages!

How was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway Fun

  1. What a fun weekend! I’m dying to go camping sometime soon. Add a brewery to that and it sounds awesome! I’m glad you had such a good time and got so much reading done!

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