Dream Eater’s Carnival by Leslie Anderson and David T. Allen


I received a copy of this from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

Dream Eater’s Carnival by Leslie Anderson and David T. Allen

Published February 21st 2015 by Torch Goose Press

83 Pages

Goodreads Summary: Desperate for adventure, the headstrong Leisl abandons her sterile cathedral life for a mysterious traveling carnival. Surrounded by vibrant energy and eccentric performers, she finds a sense of belonging.

Although she embraces her new life, Leisl is unable to shake a strange sense of unease. There is more to the reclusive carnival owner than meets the eye. Soon she learns that his fantastic performances are not all illusion. There is dark, terrible magic at work.

If Leisl isn’t careful, falling from the tightrope may be the least of her problems.

Review: If you’re looking for a quick yet exciting read that is the opening piece to a new series you should definitely check this one out.  Liesl is a special girl who has grown up living in a cathedral but it’s not the kind of cathedral that we know in this world.  She wants something more and runs away to join the carnival.  While there she makes a shocking discovery.  The authors have created a world that is exciting filled with many interesting characters.  There is a bit of comedy and a lot of adventure.    I don’t normally care much for novellas but this one seemed to be the perfect length to get me hooked on this series.  I can’t wait to read what comes next for Liesl.

4/5 Stars


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