June Book Hauls

I acquired a lot of great books throughout the month of June.  And although this post is for my June books, I decided to add the books I’ve gotten in the last few days just because.

Today I had the day off of work for the 4th of July holiday weekend.  Ethan and I got to spend the day together.  We went out for Chinese for lunch, hit up my favorite store – Half Price Books and did a little bit of shopping at Sam’s Club.  At Half Price Books I found some great books for Ethan.

IMG_20150703_173702Inherit the Stars by James P. Hogan is one of his favorite books ever so I found him a different edition than the one he has along with another copy of the sequel.  He also loves reading those Scholastic/DK type books about history.  The older blue book is a Horatio Hornblower book.  He loved the mini series and this book was only $2 so it was a no-brainer.

IMG_20150703_211102My finds at Half Price Books were great!  I am so in love with the Outlander series so when I saw these older editions I had to get them!  They were only about $3 per book.  Then I was shocked to find Everything I Never Told You on the clearance shelves for only $2!  Score!

The rest of my acquisitions were from Amazon, Book Outlet and Book Depository.

Got this great and surprisingly large book about Jane Austen from Book Outlet. There are some great reproductions of letters and things interspersed in envelopes throughout the book.

Got this great and surprisingly large book about Jane Austen from Book Outlet.  There are some great reproductions of letters and things interspersed in envelopes throughout the book.

Then I finally completed my graphic novel collections for The Eye of the World and True Blood, getting volumes 5 & 6 for both sets.  I also finally got The Exile by Diana Gabaldon which is a graphic novel version of Outlander from Jamie’s perspective.  I can’t wait to read this!

IMG_20150703_210626My collection of Lord of the Rings novels were movie tie-in editions which I really don’t like so I was really happy to find this awesome boxed set with The Hobbit from Book Depository.

IMG_20150703_210724I got a few others from Book Depository that I have been wanting to read for awhile.  What I love about  Book Depository is that you can get different editions that aren’t available in your country.  Although I love the US cover for Station Eleven, I do really like this UK cover.  You can also get paperbacks before they are available in paperback in the US.

IMG_20150703_211028From Amazon I bought Grey which I was originally looking forward to reading but after reading reviews I am extremely hesitant.  I have a feeling that I’ll be putting that one off for awhile.  Then I had been watching the price of a few books that I read during the Reading My Library Challenge and The Winner’s Curse got to a pretty low price in my opinion so I had to snatch it up!

IMG_20150703_210825And now for some more scores from Book Outlet!  I loved The Face on the Milk Carton series when I was growing up but my parents gave away a lot of my childhood books.  When I found out there were two more books that I didn’t even know about I was really excited and I found them all on Book Outlet.  There were a few other great finds too.

IMG_20150703_211008I also got a few author requests and ARCs (including some ebooks that obviously won’t be pictured here).  I have only listened to one audiobook in my life, a copy of the Fellowship of the Ring that my great uncle gave me years and years ago.  From Armchair BEA I won an audiobook ARC of Everybody Rise.  I’m looking forward to listening to it and seeing if 1. I like audiobooks and 2. I like the book.

IMG_20150703_211134I got so many books this past month!  I’m looking forward to reading them all.  Have you read any of these books?


3 thoughts on “June Book Hauls

  1. I have read Every Day and it was a good read! The writing style was different so it went with the interesting plot. I am reading Landline right now (though I haven’t really read in a good couple of days…sigh) I love the UK cover of Station Eleven too! But I settled for our version. Such great finds! Good luck with the audio book..the cover looks cute !

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