Tour My Bookshelves – Part 1

Tour My BookshelvesWelcome to the first post in a series I will be doing throughout August!  My husband and I live in a 1067 sq. ft. townhome and I have a TON of books so I have bookshelves scattered all around the house.  I used to have to double pack each shelf to fit everything in but I recently acquired a “new” bookshelf.  It is actually the bookshelf I had growing up.  My parents just had it sitting in their storage room so I took it back.  I also decided to sacrifice displaying my huge dvd collection in order to have more shelf space for my books.  My dvds are now in sleeves and the cases are being stored until we move to a bigger home sometime in the future.

To start the series off I will be posting my “new” bookshelf first.  I have had this bookshelf for as long as I can remember so it’s great to have it back in my house with my books on it.  It even still has my glow-in-the dark hand sticker on the back.  Here is an old photo of my teenage bedroom with the shelf in the lower right corner.

bedroom2Now, I have the bookshelf upstairs in our office on my side of the room.  I really love the way it looks up here.

Office Full ShelfThe only thing I wish is that I could add in another shelf because there is so much extra space.  I would love to lower the top shelf and add another shelf on top.  But for now it’s nice just having my books in a single layer.

Office Shelf 1On top of the shelf I have some of my figurines.  The taller guy on the left is a wooden statue my grandparents bought me in Mexico.  The horse is a model of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.  Then we have my Legolas action figure in the right corner.  The whole front row consists of my Gone With the Wind ornaments, with the exception of the center one of Rhett and Scarlett which is actually a set of salt and pepper shakers.

And now onto the actual books…

Office Shelf 2

On the top shelf I have my Fifty Shades of Grey books, Gillian Flynn, Neil Gaiman and a smattering of other books.Office Shelf 3On the second shelf I have my Vampire Diaries books, Miss Peregrine, The Face on the Milk Carton series, and several others.Office Shelf 4On the bottom shelf I have a few magazine storage boxes with my National Geographics, Cook’s Illustrated and Smithsonian magazines.  I have a few books on the right side, including a couple of ARCs because my ARC shelf is full as you’ll see in next week’s post!

My side of officeSo now you have the complete tour of my office bookshelf!  Come by next week to see the bookshelves in my bedroom!

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