Little Free Library Exploration

Every day when I drive to my carpool partner’s house I pass by two Little Free Libraries.  I’ve been dying to stop by and check them out but I always just want to get home at the end of the day.  So I decided that today would be the day to check them out.  I went to the Little Free Library website to see if there were any others in my town and there were!  One of the ones I drive by isn’t even a registered one so it was a complete bonus.  There are 5 registered libraries in my town and as I was driving around, I came across two additional bonus libraries in addition to the one on my carpool route.  So today I visited a total of 8 Little Free Libraries!  It was really fun stopping at each one, looking through the books, and leaving books of my own to add to the library.

This one was super cute.  It was the one on my carpool route that is not registered.  Turns out, the local Girl Scout troop put this one up.

IMG_20150808_102509 IMG_20150808_102516Then I moved on to some of the registered libraries.  Most of them are on the opposite end of town than where I live but it’s a fairly small town so not too far.

IMG_20150808_103006 IMG_20150808_104225 IMG_20150808_104712Ethan came along with me and he decided he wanted to go drive by the house he grew up in.  On the way to the last registered library after seeing the house, we drove by another unregistered one!

IMG_20150808_110501I was so excited to see a hardcover of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green but then I noticed that there was some pretty bad water damage to the top of the spine.

IMG_20150808_111031This one is located at one of the Montessori schools in town so 99% of the books were children’s books.  I didn’t get anything at this one.  They also didn’t install the hook properly so the door is propped about an inch open so there was some pretty bad water damage inside.

Then I had a hunch that there would be an unregistered one in this little neighborhood that my friend lives in so I decided to drive through and see if I was right.  I WAS!

IMG_20150808_111641There were some great choices in this one!  But I had run out of books to replace what I took so I didn’t get everything I wanted to read.

I really loved the idea of these and now after going to them and making exchanges, I really love them!  It’s fun to share your books with others and see what other people have to offer up.  I came away with some great books and gave away some great books that I had no more use for.  I gave up my old copies of The Hobbit, all three Lord of the Rings, A Million Little Pieces, and my Dover Thrift Editions of all 6 of the Jane Austen novels.

Here are the books I was able to come away with:


I got the first Harry Potter to replace my battered copy that I shared with my brother.  I got the second Harry Potter to share with someone.  And the Jodi Piccoult, Michael Connelly, and Harlan Coben are to share with my mom.  The Things They Carried was a book I read in high school and I loved it.  It’s been on my to-buy list for a while so I’m really excited to have it to read now.

I will definitely be utilizing these libraries again in the future.  I look forward to finding more books to share with my community when I’m done reading them if I don’t want to keep them.

Do you have any Little Free Libraries in your town?  If you’re not sure, check out the website, put in your zip code and they’ll give you a Google map of where they are located if they are in your town!

7 thoughts on “Little Free Library Exploration

  1. That’s so cool. You got some great books and left some that others might treasure. I couldn’t check to see if there are any near me since the site is down for maintenance. Bookmarked it for next week.

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  2. Love it! Our library put up a little free library outside one of our branches because they’re only open a few hours a week, and it’s fun trying to keep it filled and figuring out what people want to read. I love the concept of them

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  3. I’m amazed by how many you have near your home, because there are none close to me! The closest one is at least a 30 minute drive. But the next time I’m nearby, I’m definitely going to stop and see it, because I think this is the coolest thing ever. I would love to make one with my daughter for our neighborhood.

    You found some great books! Love the pictures, too – thanks for sharing this!

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