Tour My Bookshelves: Part 3

Tour My Bookshelves

I am back for week 3 of Tour My Bookshelves!  If you have missed my previous posts and are curious, feel free to check out week 1 and week 2!  Today I am moving you to the main floor of my home to check out my main bookshelves in my living room.  I have a couple of other shelves with books but not a full bookcase worth of books so those will be left to the final week.

First off, we have my short shelf that is located along the dividing wall of the living room and kitchen.  On this shelf I have some of my favorite series that are also my largest series.

LR Short Shelf Full

On shelf number 1 we have my Diana Gabaldon collection.  I have all of my Outlander books, Lord John Grey books, and even the first season on display.

LR Short 1

On shelf number 2 I have The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.  This is definitely one of my favorite series.  I have all of the books in mass market paperback and hardcover.  I keep the mmp in storage and display my hardcovers.   In November The Wheel of Time Companion will be released so I’ll have to somehow make some room for that.  I can’t wait to get it!

LR Short 2

On shelf number 3 I have the Harry Potter series and the Sookie Stackhouse series.  I also have the True Blood graphic novels shelved with the Sookie Stackhouse books.  It’s really interesting to me that the novels, show and graphic novels are all completely different.  Beginning in October, the Harry Potter books are going to be released, one per year, in a beautiful illustrated edition.  I have to have those so I’ll have to rearrange my shelves to make them fit.  I also have my Jane Austen graphic novels on this shelf as well as some of my husband’s graphics.

LR Short 3

Next up I have my tall bookshelf that abuts the dining room and is next to the tv.  It used to hold my massive DVD collection but I have decided that at this point, I would much rather display my books than my movies.  I moved all of my DVD discs into sleeves and put the cases in storage for now.


Now my discs fit in this fabric bin.


Anyways, onto the bookshelf!  I totally love the look of my books here rather than my overstacked dvds.  And now I have the perfect place to display my new collection of Funko Pop figurines!


On shelf number 1 I have some of my other favorite, smaller series.  Some of the series are incomplete so it will be interesting trying to rearrange as I acquire the rest of the books in the series.


On shelf number 2 I have all of my Jane Austen editions plus Jane Austen inspired contemporaries, The Grisha Trilogy and my Stephanie Meyer books.  I also keep my Kindle and Kindle Fire on top of the books.  Someday in a future, bigger house I will be able to have all of my classics together in one bookcase.


On shelf number 3 I have some of my YA hardcovers and other hardcovers with a couple of paperbacks thrown in.  Some I have read, others are still on my TBR.  I’ve been not buying books lately and my library is currently under a big renovation.  They have a temporary location but have a much smaller selection so I will be able to focus all of my efforts on reading the books I own.  I am actually really looking forward to it!


Shelf number 4 has some of my favorite paperbacks, both series and stand-alones.  There are only a few on this shelf that I have not read but I hope to remedy that soon.  Those include Linger, Forever, The Raven Boys, Euphoria and Station Eleven.


Shelf number 5 is full of books I need to read.  I haven’t read a single book on this shelf so I’m really looking forward to having more time for my owned books.  I’ve been getting burned out on NetGalley and author requests so at least for the rest of the year I will not be taking any more requests for reviews so I can fully concentrate on the books I have at home.


So those are the main bookshelves of my living room.  Stay tuned next week for the final post on Tour My Bookshelves where I’ll be showing my small, tiny shelves and partial shelves.

In other news, I had mentioned before that the person I carpool with to work bought a home in a different city so I would have to start driving every day, every month rather than every other month.  Luckily for me, I work with my dad and we live a mile away from each other.  He has agreed to not only carpool with me, but to always drive!  I still won’t have a lot of extra reading time because I like talking with him while we’re on the road.  But I will be saving a TON of money between gas, mileage being added to my car and oil changes.  I am so grateful for this! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


12 thoughts on “Tour My Bookshelves: Part 3

    • Haha thanks 🙂 I have the entire Outlander series and have read through book 4. I also have the Lord John Grey series but I haven’t read those yet. He has an interesting tie-in to the Outlander series so I’m looking forward to reading those. I just finished The Exile, the graphic novel of the first portion of Outlander from Murtagh and Jamie’s perspective.


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