Tour My Bookshelves – Part 4

Tour My Bookshelves

Welcome to the final post in my series: Tour My Bookshelves!  If you missed the first three posts, you can check them out here – Part 1Part 2Part 3

This week I will be showing you some of my smaller shelves that are located in various places in my house.  To start off, we’ll take a look at the shelf I have on the landing between my main floor and 2nd level.

Stairwell Shelf Full

It’s a fairly small shelf so I keep mostly mass market paperbacks on it.  I have 4 of my photo albums on the top as well.  I’m not really going to go in much detail on this one because it is a random assortment of books, basically just chosen because they fit on the small shelves.

Stairwell Shelf 1

Stairwell Shelf 2Stairwell Shelf 3Stairwell Shelf 4

Next we will move back down to the living room.  I have another smaller bookshelf full of books and then a few rows of books on my TV season shelf and Blu-ray shelf.

This shelf I split 50/50 with Ethan.  The bottom two shelves hold some of his books.

LR B-Small Full

On the top shelf I have my Game of Thrones books as well as my boxed set of the Mistborn trilogy.

LR B-Small 1

On the next shelf I have my Gone With the Wind collection (which as you saw in one of the above pictures I can’t fit all of them).  The black spined book is a movie tie in edition that came out in 1939.  It has the cast list in front and includes color photos from the movies.  I got it used on eBay so it’s not in the greatest condition but it is awesome none the less.  The book on the end is a biography of Clark Gable.

LR B-Small 2

The next two shelves are Ethan’s.  He is a big fan of sci-fi, especially Isaac Asimov.  He had me read the first three Foundation books and I actually really liked them!

LR B-Small 3LR B-Small 4

The next photo is of the bottom shelf of my TV season shelves.  I had one full shelf free so I was able to have more books out.  I keep all of my Anne Rice, Bill Bryson and Jon Krakauer books on this shelf.

LR Br-Tall 6

The next shelf is just an entire photo of my Bluray TV season shelf.  It’s a really little shelf so I only have room for mass market size books in the leftover square (bottom right square).

Bluray Full

The last shelf is one that is actually tucked behind our couch.  We have to have it there to hold one of the speakers for our surround sound system.  We’re going to be selling our house in the next year or two so we don’t want to make too many holes in the walls that we’ll have to repair.  On this shelf I keep some of my Twilight extras, including the three available graphic novels.  I also have some of my favorite childhood books.

Speaker Shelf Full

So that’s it for my bookshelves!  I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at my collection. I’ve had fun sharing these photos with you.  Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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