September Book Haul

So much for putting myself on a book buying ban!  I told myself I was only going to get my pre-orders but I ended up buying a bunch more. I also got a bunch through giveaways so at least it isn’t as bad as it looks. IMG_20150930_192007

I decided that I loved certain series so much that I needed to upgrade my paperbacks to hardcovers.  I got A Court of Thorns and Roses, Throne of Glass series, The Grisha trilogy and The Lunar Chronicles.  I’ll be selling my paperbacks the next time I’m at Half Price Books.


My last Half Price Books run I got only a few books for myself and some for Ethan.  And of course after I took this photo I realized I was missing one I had gotten for myself.  In addition to those in the photo I also got The Complete Poems of Robert Frost.


The rest are pretty self-explanatory….

IMG_20150930_190605 IMG_20150930_190539 IMG_20150930_190713

The NovlLibrary ThingThe Book Bratz Bibliophile Gathering


The Talking Bookworm

IMG_20150930_190801 IMG_20150930_190909 IMG_20150930_190933 IMG_20150930_191351

I also have some other books I have ordered but they haven’t arrived yet so I won’t be including them until my October book haul.  I have a couple of pre-orders as well next month.

I’m really looking forward to reading all of these books!  And that’s it for my haul this month!  Thanks for stopping by!  Tune in tomorrow to check out my Halloweeny TBR/TBW!

16 thoughts on “September Book Haul

    • I definitely love the look of those classics. I’ve been wanting to get different editions of Jane Austen and then I saw these editions on Instagram and had to get them. I am so excited for Six of Crows! It looks so awesome, and I love the black edged paper.


  1. Ahhh! Amazing book haul! I really want to get the Grisha trilogy in hardcover. I always see them on book outlet, so I may start collecting the hardcovers when I see them! 🙂 and I NEED Six of Crows!

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    • I even forgot to post my Kindle and audiobook hauls! I feel a part 2 coming on later today lol. That’s exactly what I did lol. I saw Shadow & Bone and Ruin & Rising on Book Outlet and couldn’t resist! I ended up just springing for Siege & Storm on Amazon. I am so so so excited to read Six of Crows in November!

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  2. Holy book haul! That is awesome!! I understand wanting to have your favorite books in hardback. All of my Nicholas Sparks books are in hardback, as well as my Twilight saga. 🙂

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    • Some of the other books I’m waiting on are the Nicholas Sparks books I don’t have in hardcover, which is 12…. yikes. I also need to get Twilight and New Moon in hardcover as well as a few other series I started late in the game like Hunger Games and Divergent. I’ll get there slowly but surely lol.

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