Shelf Control – October 14, 2015

Shelf Control

Shelf Control is a weekly feature hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies.  Consider this a variation of a Wishing & Waiting post… but looking at books already available.  Take a look at your shelves and/or Kindle and post about a book you own but haven’t read yet.

3358423Title: The Witching Hour
Author:  Anne Rice
Published: Published March 1st 1993 by Turtleback Books (first published 1990)
Length: 1038 Pages

Goodreads Summary: On the veranda of a great New Orleans house, now faded, a mute and fragile woman sits rocking. And the witching hour begins…

Demonstrating once again her gift for spellbinding storytelling and the creation of legend, Anne Rice makes real for us a great dynasty of witches – a family given to poetry and incest, to murder and philosophy, a family that over the ages is itself haunted by a powerful, dangerous, and seductive being.

A hypnotic novel of witchcraft and the occult across four centuries, by the spellbinding, bestselling author of The Vampire Chronicles.

How I Got It: I bought it.

When I Got It: A few years ago.

Why I Want To Read It: I’ve always had an interest in witches and witchcraft.  I have read a few Anne Rice novel’s and enjoyed them so I decided to collect this series too (Lives of the Mayfair Witches).  I haven’t read it yet because it is over 1000 pages.  But I have added it to my Halloweeny TBR and I hope to start reading it after I finish  my current read.

7 thoughts on “Shelf Control – October 14, 2015

    • I love vampires but have only read the first book of the Vampire Chronicles. Queen of the Damned movie (with Stuart Townsend and Aaliyah) is one of my favorite movies ever so I need to read that book soon.


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