WWW Wednesday – November 18, 2015

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WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World Of Words.
Each week we answer the following three questions:
-What have you recently finished reading?
-What are you currently reading?
-What are you reading next?


Within the past week I have finished two books.  See Me was good and a nice change of pace from a lot of romance novels.  There was romance but there was also suspense.  And Winter… oh what can I say about Winter… It was so good!  A perfect ending to a great series.  I already can’t wait to reread the entire series.


Currently I am taking a break from the Gone With The Wind audiobook.  I haven’t listened to it at all for the last week.  It’s just such a long book.   I am doing a reread of Amy A. Bartol’s Premonition series in preparation for the long awaited release of book 5 on December 8th.  I’ve already pre-ordered the paperback and Kindle.  That’s how much I love this series haha.  As I’ve been reading the first book this time around, I’ve been noticing all of these horrible “cool” words and phrases that I don’t think were cool even when this was published in 2011.  I must have blocked them out because they’re pretty bad.  Otherwise I am loving returning to these characters and this story.


And up next I have books 2 & 3 of the Premonition series. I took a couple vacation days tomorrow to have a long weekend so I will have lots of time to read.

In other news… It’s my birthday today!!!!! YAY!  It’s now the last year of my 20s so I’m going to make this year count.  I’m taking a half day at work today.  After work I’m going to do some shopping.  Get a few items for TBTB Secret Santa, BOOKS (obviously) and maybe some decor items.  I have a birthday coupon for my favorite store, Half Price Books, and gift cards for Starbucks and TJ Maxx so it’s going to be a fun afternoon.  And then I am meeting up with a friend to see the movie I have been dying to see all fall.  EVEREST!  So excited.  Saturday will be my birthday celebration with the hubs.  We’re going to see Mockingjay Part 2 and then going out to dinner.


What have you been reading lately?


14 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday – November 18, 2015

  1. Happy birthday! Have a brilliant time shopping and at the cinema. I hope the book bargains fall at your feet 🙂
    I’m so glad you loved Winter. I thought it was brilliant. Although I am considering petitioning Marissa Meyer for a Thorne and Cress spin-off series. I’d love to see more of their adventures on Earth, particularly if Thorne were to get drawn back into a bit of Robin Hood style crime!
    Here’s my WWW: https://clairehuston.wordpress.com/2015/11/18/www-wednesday-18th-november-2015/

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  2. Happy Birthday, Maren 🙂 I hope you enjoy your special day and your long weekend. I also want to see Everest and Mockingjay: Part 2, I hope you enjoy them. I am pleased to hear you enjoyed the end of Marissa Meyer’s series. I have just finished Veronica Roth’s exciting YA series with Allegiant, there were some real shockers in it!


  3. Happy Birthday! Your afternoon plans sound fantastic!! Enjoy every minute! And enjoy your long weekend, too!
    I’m definitely considering starting the Cinder series soon.
    One of the reasons I’m scared to re-read my favorite books is because I’ll discover they aren’t as good as I thought the first time around. I hope despite some of the cheesy wording that you still enjoy the books! That series looks really interesting.

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    • Thank you! I’m counting down the minutes until I get to leave (31 left!)
      I think you will be pleasantly surprised by Cinder. I wasn’t too sure about it when I heard about it because of the sci-fi bits but it was so good!
      So far I am still really enjoying the series despite the cheesy wording (including “mad cool”). I love the characters and the story so it makes up for the cheese factor.

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