Day 3-5: 12 Days of Christmas Blogging


So I missed a few days over the weekend so I’ll just combine all three days into today’s post.

Day 3 (Saturday) – Your favorite Christmas recipe/food

Definitely my favorite would have to be all of the different Scandinavian cookies my Great Grandma and Grandma would always make on Christmas.  This would include the following: krumkake, rosettes, and sandbakkel.

Day 4 (Sunday) – Share a Christmas story or write one of your own

One year, I believe I was in kindergarten or 1st grade, and I was so excited to wake up early on Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought for me.  I woke up and went downstairs and saw this blanket covering something really big.  I thought that Santa had decided to take a nap and was still at our house.  Turns out, it was just one of my Christmas presents haha.  It was a bike which is why my parents had it covered with a blanket.

Day 5 – What is on your personal wishlist this year?

Pretty much every single one of my different wishlists is all about books.  I always have separate wishlists so there is no overlap between family, friends, TBTB Santa and OTSP Secret Sister.  But this year I have one other thing on my wishlist I gave my mom.  I have really been wanting to learn how to crochet but don’t have any of the tools or yarn yet.  So I’m really hoping that I get some crochet stuff so I can give it a whack.  My aunt is an epic crochet-er and I know I probably won’t ever be able to be on her level, I would just love to be able to make some cool scarves and blankets.  Simple but homemade and exactly the way I want it.






One thought on “Day 3-5: 12 Days of Christmas Blogging

  1. Scandinavian cookies look so good! I bet they taste as amazing as they look too! I love your Christmas story! That so hilarious that you thought it was Santa sleeping, haha. My Christmas lists have mostly been books or gift cards for books, lol. 🙂

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