Day 8 – 12 Days of Christmas Blogging


Day 8 – Share a local Christmas tradition in your town or country.

In our town we celebrate Christmas/winter by having Winter Walk in our historic downtown area.  All of the shops stay open late, there are Christmas decorations everywhere.  There are Clydesdale wagon rides, horse drawn buggy rides, bonfires, hot cocoa and more.



My mom is the town’s middle school music and choir teacher so her kids always have groups caroling on the street corners and one of her choirs always sings a bunch of carols at Bridge Square.


Here is her choir at Bridge Square this year!  She is in the red puffy vest with her back to the camera.

And this year we had the pleasure of finding out that there is going to be a Christmas movie filming in our town starting in January!  They had a crew filming around downtown to catch some B-roll footage that will be used in the movie.  I think it’s going to be a Hallmark type movie.  My mom got filmed directing her choir and she loves those kinds of movies so it would be really excited if they used footage of her in this movie!  Here is an article about it!


This was when I saw them filming her!  I had to take a picture to show her.  She was so excited!  After her choir was done they went up and talked to her for a bit.

So that is how my town celebrates Christmas!


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