The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon

685376The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon

Published October 1st 2002 by Delta (first published November 6th 2001)

979 Pages

Goodreads Summary: New York Times bestselling author Diana Gabaldon mesmerized readers with her award-winning Outlander novels, four dazzling tales featuring eighteenth-century Scotsman James Fraser and his twentieth-century time-traveling wife, Claire Randall. Now, in this eagerly awaited fifth volume, Diana Gabaldon continues their extraordinary saga, a masterpiece of pure storytelling that is her most astonishing Outlander novel yet….

The year is 1771, and war is coming. Jamie Fraser’s wife tells him so. Little as he wishes to, he must believe it, for hers is a gift of dreadful prophecy—a time-traveler’ s certain knowledge. Claire’s unique view of the future has brought him both danger and deliverance in the past; her knowledge of the oncoming revolution is a flickering torch that may light his way through the perilous years ahead—or ignite a conflagration that will leave their lives in ashes.


The book picks up right where we left off in Drums of Autumn at the Gathering.  There are so many crazy things that happen throughout this book.  While it wasn’t as good as Outlander, Voyager or Drums of Autumn, I would rate it above Dragonfly In Amber.  Certain characters return to the story.  New characters are introduced.  Bad things happen to beloved characters (no, I’m not saying which ones!).  Just like in books 1-4, don’t get too comfortable when all seems to be going well for the main characters.

Diana Gabaldon is a master.  Just when you think you read a seemingly irrelevant plot line, she turns around and brings it back to circle to another plot line.  I love how intricate her plot lines are and how she ties everything together.  Like I said… MASTER.

The more I read of Brianna, Roger, and Jemmy, the more I love these characters.  Jemmy is adorable and it has been a riot “watching” him start to grow up.  Cutest little family award goes to the Mackenzies!

And Jamie and Claire… I am still so completely and utterly in love with these two.  I absolutely adore how much they are still in love with each other!  Any time Jamie makes a declaration of love to Claire, I swoon.  I mean who wouldn’t want a man to say this…

I love you, a nighean donn.  I have loved ye from the moment I saw ye, I will love ye ’til time itself is done, and so long as you are by my side, I am well pleased wi’ the world.

I am really looking forward to seeing where the next book takes the Frasers and Mackenzies.

5 Stars

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