Star Wars BB-8 Moleskine

Yesterday I made a run to Target for a few things.  I like to walk through the end caps to look for clearance items and as I was walking by the notebook aisle, something special caught my eye.  It was a Star Wars BB-8 Moleskine!!!!  Before I show you the photos, I’m just going to give a little background on my Star Wars history.

Growing up, I remember seeing the original trilogy and not caring for it much.  This was back when I was more interested in history and not so interested in science fiction/fantasy.  Then when I was in 6th grade and Episode I came out, I started getting into it.  I wouldn’t say I’m a huge Star Wars nerd but I do really love all of the movies now.  And when the hubby (HUGE Star Wars nerd) and I went to see Episode VII came out, I became obsessed with the newest droid – BB-8.  I absolutely love BB-8!  So when I saw the Moleskine out of the corner of my eye, I knew I had to buy it no matter how much it cost!  I tried to look on Amazon or anywhere else on line to give you guys a link to buy it, but the only place I can find it is Target’s website. I am in love with this notebook.






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