April 2016 Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon Final Report


Well, the readathon has concluded!  The next one is sometime in October (which I’m really hoping doesn’t fall on the one weekend of October that I already have plans!).  On Friday, I posted my tentative TBR and goals for the readathon, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to read all day.  When I had originally signed up I had every intention of reading all day long, maybe not until the very end but at least from the start until I couldn’t stay awake anymore.  But then something came up with friends so my plans to read all day were thwarted.  A local bar and grill was having their 7th anniversary celebration with crazy deals and a free hog roast so we went to that for a few hours and then we just hung out the rest of the day and ended the night with a bonfire.  So while I didn’t get to read, I still had an awesome day!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.


So to check back in with my goals

  • Finish Passenger – NOPE
  • Participate in at least one mini challenge – NOPE
  • Read at least 500 pages total – NOPE

The only time I got to read was right away in the morning so I was only able to read 104 pages.  20160423_072634

Our town has an annual book sale to raise money for the hospital auxiliary and yesterday was the last day to drop off book donations.  I had two small boxes to bring over so at 9 am I took a little break to drop those off and get some Starbucks.  In our town, our only Starbucks it the one inside of Target so I had to go back and look at the bookshelf.  I ended up scoring big with finding two signed copies – Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy and Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard.

After I got home I was able to read a little bit more before getting ready to meet up with our friends.  He had bought a property last year with 10 acres and a house that needed some renovation so we met them out there to see it and the progress he’s made on the house. Then we headed over to the bar and grill for some seriously crazy deals.

I just had to share a picture of the receipt because that was our total for the 4 of us!  Insane!  We had 17 beers between the 4 of us, a plate of nachos and a basket of waffle fries, all for under $50!  We were there for almost 3 hours just having a good time hanging out and listening to the polka band.  That’s right…. polka band.

Afterwards we went back to his place to check out the property.  It definitely made Ethan and I really want to move out to the country.  Our current house is right on a busy county road so it’s constant cars driving by.  It’s so loud that we can’t have our sliding glass door open if we’re watching TV in the living room.  Anyways…. we saw a bunch of turkey and deer tracks.

His property is so diverse.  He has lawn, woods and pasture which makes the 10 acres feel even bigger.


We ended the night with a relaxing bonfire and the hooting of a barred owl.


So like I said before, the readathon may have been a bust for me I still had a great time with my hubby and friends instead.

Today I will be planning to read all day long to make up for yesterday.  It is also rainy and stormy here all day long so I might as well take advantage of that time to read.

My goals for the day are to finish Passenger and finish my beta read as well.

Did you participate in the readathon?


9 thoughts on “April 2016 Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon Final Report

  1. I’m sorry that you didn’t get to read as much as you planned; but it still looks as though you had a wonderful day! I hope you have a fun day of reading today 🙂

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  2. Despite not getting to readathon, sounds like a great day with friends! I am with you – I’d love to move to the country. My parents live in the country, and I love the privacy. I’m not all about having neighbors, lol. I had a fun morning with my sister in law, and then we had friends over for the cookout and fire last night, so definitely no reading for me. But that’s okay, at least we had fun weekends!

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  3. It seems like you had a wonderful day, nonetheless! Hopefully, you will be able to join the next readathon in October, which is on the 22nd! 🙂


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