April Book Haul

So although I’ve been meaning to cut back on my book purchases… this is one of those months that just didn’t happen.  I became addicted to Book Outlet again.  And every year around this time my town has a huge book sale.  It lasts for almost a week and on the final day they have a $5 bag sale and then in the afternoon whatever is leftover is free.  I also had a couple of pre-orders and OwlCrate.  Because of the size of this month’s haul, I decided against taking a photo of all the books together.  Instead, I took photos of the books as I received them.  So without further ado…. here is probably my biggest book haul to date.

ARC/Giveaway – I won a copy of Braving It by James Campbell from LibraryThing.  It’s about a father and daughter journey through Alaska.  From The Novl’s Twitter Boy Band March Madness contest, I won a copy of The New Guy and Other Senior Year Distractions by Amy Spalding and an awesome tote bag.

Amazon – I wanted to upgrade my copies of Shiver, Linger and Forever from paperback to hardcover.  I’ve also been dying to read The Girl From Everywhere so  I had to get that one too.  I also added a few more to my Colleen Hoover collection.  My one Amazon preorder was The Rose and the Dagger.


Fountain Bookstore – My amazing preorder of The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater!  So excited to read this once I finish Blue Lily, Lily Blue.


Book Outlet – I’ve been going a little crazy with the Book Outlet purchasing but they’ve had some good stuff recently.


OwlCrate – I am actually really excited for this book.  I love dystopian novels so I was glad to have that be the theme for April.


Annual Northfield Book Sale – I went on the first night of the sale, Tuesday, and got the books you see in the first photo.  Then Saturday was the $5 bag sale in the morning.  In the afternoon I went back for the free leftovers.  I also hauled a ton of books for my mom who was out of town for the weekend.  A few of these books are to either add to my collection (ex. Gone With the Wind) and others are to replace a worn out edition that I already have (ex. Girl With A Pearl Earring).




And there is my massive book haul.  Definitely putting myself on a book buying ban with the exception than the books I already have on preorder.


14 thoughts on “April Book Haul

  1. Super! Now to find a spot for them, lol.
    I’m anxious to try Charlaine Harris’ Midnight, Texas series. I like her other series that I’ve read.
    I see your mom is a fan of Michael Connelly. Me too. I’ve read around a dozen of his books and each and every one was a five star (out of five) read.

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  2. Holy cow!! That’s so many books! I love seeing so many Neal Stephenson books in there though! I’m so jealous you got a copy of Quicksilver – I’ve been looking for one forever. I have Confusion and System World, but obviously can’t read them until I find Quicksilver. 😛 Have you read anything by him yet?

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  3. Your book haul is insane! You need to calm down with the book buying haha! 😛 Every time I check out book outlet, they have nothing good. 😦 looks like you got a ton of awesome ones from them though.

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