Hoarders: Book Nerd Edition

Hi, I’m Maren and I am a book hoarder.  I think there comes a time in every bookworm’s life when their book collection gets a little out of control.  Well, my collection has gotten BEYOND that point and I feel completely overwhelmed by it. I am without a doubt, a book hoarder. I have my TBR books mixed in with books I have read so when I look at my shelves, and the other random places I keep books, I just don’t even know where to begin.  Trying to figure out what to read next is always a lengthy process because there are just too many unread books that I want to read in my collection.  I ran out of space a long time ago so I have books on window seats and stacked in piles next to my bookshelves.  I have decided to make the hard decision of culling my books down to a more manageable collection.  My husband and I have been making plans to sell our house and buy something bigger next year so I want to have less stuff in general to move when we do.  Packing up and moving nearly 900 books (not including duplicates I collect) is not exactly my idea of a fun time.  While I love my messy book collection, I just don’t have the room for it anymore.

The Current Collection (in all it’s glorious mess):

IMG_1963 IMG_1949IMG_1947 IMG_1956IMG_1952IMG_1958IMG_1959IMG_1955 IMG_1962IMG_1957 IMG_1965IMG_1966IMG_1953IMG_1967

The Stats (which can also be seen here):

Total # of Physical Books: 849

Total # Unread Physical Books: 509 (59.95%)

The Plan:

  • Go to each shelf and look at every single book and ask myself  if I will actually read this book (or reread if it has already been read).
  • Make a note of which books are leaving the collection permanently to remove from my Home Library spreadsheet.
  • Decide whether these books will be sold or donated.
  • Once I have gone through all the books, fill in empty space on shelves with books from the floor and/or window seats.

My Hopes:

  • Have an easier time deciding what to read instead of wasting my time staring at my shelves.
  • Utilizing my local library more rather than buying a bunch of books I may not end up liking.  Ultimate goal here = saving money.
  • Still have a big, beautiful collection of books but not feel guilty about the number of unread books that make up the majority of said collection.

I don’t know how long this plan will take.  I would say at least a week but probably more.  I don’t want to short circuit my brain so I think I will tackle one normal bookcase at a time.  The smaller ones I will group together to equal a larger bookcase.   So far I already have a bag and a box which I plan to sell and/or donate.


I have not yet taken them out of my Home Library spreadsheet so those will be included in the final tally of the books that I got rid of.

Stay tuned for an update post on the books I chose to remove from my collection.

Are you a book hoarder like me?  Have you read less than 50% of the books you own?

20 thoughts on “Hoarders: Book Nerd Edition

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  2. 900 is nothing! You’re young yet, Maren.

    I used to be a hoarder. That stopped when I moved from a largish house where I had lived over twenty years. The move was to a mobile home, but that wasn’t the main problem for my approximately 2500 books. The distance was nearly one thousand miles, so multiple trips were out. Yeah, cut, cut, cut.

    Now, approximately ten years later, I probably have around three hundred books with two hundred being unread. The other hundred are favorite keepers.

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  3. There could be worse problems than book hoarding, so at least look on the bright side! Lol. That is a lot of books and I can see why you’re feeling overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed just looking at it. I think you have a great plan in place and it’ll make things more manageable in the long run. I hate having to pack and unpack so many books, so when we did our last move, I got rid of a lot of books I knew I’d never read. We want to move again soon, so I’ll probably get rid of more.
    Good luck!!!

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    • Thanks! It definitely is not the worst problem I could have haha. I just need to cut down to a more manageable level. So many of these books have been with me for years and I still haven’t read them. Time to let them go lol.

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  4. I have a rough estimate of 645 books and graphic novels, and about 369 are unread. Your collection is impressive, my jaw dropped as I looked through your photos! I can’t imagine what a huge task it’s going to be to downsize it.

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  5. I sold a bunch of my books to Half Price Books years ago. They were ones I knew I wouldn’t read again and I wanted to use the $ for new books. But while I’m down to one and a half book cases, I have soooo many unread books on my Kindle. I think I’m a Kindle book hoarder!

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  6. WOW! I am really looking forward to hearing how the clear-out plan goes. I got rid of many many books after I finished studying English at university. I had to be very brutal about accepting which ones I would honestly never read again. It was tough though. Good luck!

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  7. This is me to a T. I am utterly obsessed with buying books – 30 a month is normal for me (but I usually only read four books a month!) I did clear out 60+ earlier in the year by way of a donation to my younger cousins, but it’s still unmanagable.

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  8. Ha, those are awesome shelves! I love your pop figures on the shelves. I only have a few, but I haven’t quite found a place for them yet. Maybe it’s time to take them out and find them bookshelf homes. I need to do another bookshelf purge myself. I did it last fall, but I’m getting overwhelmed again. Good luck!

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    • Thanks! I love my Funkos 🙂 I started purging last night and was able to pull out 56 total. Didn’t put much of a dent into my unread books percentage but it’s a start!


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