Five Days In January by R.T. Lowe

30239955The Felix Chronicles: Five Days In January by R.T. Lowe

Published May 18th 2016

335 Pages

Goodreads Summary: Felix and Allison return from winter break with hopes of settling into the comfortable rhythms of college life only to find Portland College hasn’t escaped the wave of senseless violence sweeping across the land, from the malls of Minnesota to a small town in northern Maine. Amidst the chaos, a political movement rises, fueled by the turmoil threatening to tear the country apart. As the public’s discontent reaches a final tipping point, a new hope emerges from an unexpected figure, a man offering the promise of peace and security—the prospect of ‘freedom from fear’. When the line that separates allies from enemies blurs and good and evil becomes a matter of perspective, Felix must make a choice. But as the gears of a 2,000-year-old prophecy grind inexorably to the future, can Felix choose his own path, or is free will as illusory as the salvation promised by a man destined to set the world aflame?

Review: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

When I read a sequel, I generally expect for it to be better and more advanced than the previous book.  That was definitely the case with this thrilling sequel to The Felix Chronicles: Freshmen by R.T. Lowe.  While the sequel is significantly shorter than book 1, there was plenty of action and development to go around.  Felix’s character develops as the world around he and his friends is ever changing and falling apart.  One of the things I really enjoyed in this book was the amount of action.  And even beyond that, how great the detail was.  The author writes in such a way that makes it easy to visualize and see the scenes play out in your head.  I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to readers of horror and fantasy.

4/5 Stars

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