Top Ten Facts About Me

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Each week there is a new topic and this week’s topic is: Ten Facts About Me (bookish or just general about you facts or ten facts about you as a blogger…whatever you want).  So for today’s post, you get to learn a little about me personally!

  1. Growing up I hated my name, Maren, for two reasons.  First reason is that it was never on those cool personalized keychains or magnets you see in tourist shops.  My dad actually made my day once by having one personalized for me on one of his business trips.  Second reason is that nobody can pronounce it right.  95% of people pronounce is Mare-in (rhymes with Karen) but it is actually MAH-ren.  Now, I love that I have a uncommon name.
  2. I am a mess when it comes to flying in airplanes.  I bring books and my ipod but never use them.  I basically sit in my seat gripping the armrests the entire flight.  The only thing that helps me is being able to look out the window.
  3. I used to be scared of cats.  I would have nightmares of being trapped in a room filled with cats and they would attack me.  I didn’t outgrow this fear until after college.  Now I have two cats of my own and I love them to death.10984205_10100134549778553_9085762546325058853_n
  4. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in history and minor in museum studies.  My parents, brother and I all graduated from the same college – Luther College in Decorah, IA.


    Mom ’83 – Me ’09 – Dad ’82 – Jim ’13

  5. I love traveling!  I’ve been to almost half of the US, British Columbia, France, Italy and the Bahamas.  My favorite place was definitely Rome.1927779_520066640713_9126_n
  6. I love watching movies and TV shows and I have a huge collection of both.  I have over 600 movies and seasons of over 50 TV shows.
  7. I am a picky eater.  I have a weird thing about texture so I’m not a fan of a lot of vegetables, especially onions, celery, and pickles.
  8. My favorite place in the entire world (that I’ve been to at least) is Grand Marais, MN.  It is a small town in far northeastern MN along the shore of Lake Superior.  So beautiful and peaceful.  I mean, just look at it….12967987_10100146560828313_5574320071410349842_o
  9. My #1 bucket list item is to travel to Ireland.  It has been my favorite country for as long as I can remember.
  10. I love going to concerts!  I’ve been to so many over the years.  There is nothing like FEELING the music and hearing your favorite musicians live.  Some of my favorite concert experiences were: U2 360 tour, Coldplay Mylo Xyloto tour, Thirty Seconds to Mars (I’ve seen them 4 times), Skrillex, Ellie Goulding, Shania Twain, and Jason Aldean.  Jane’s Addiction was AMAZING up until I was almost trampled.  I have a strange love for Dave Navarro and we were in the second row!

    U2 360 tour


    Coldplay Mylo Xyloto tour


    DAVE NAVARRO!!!!! 


    Jason Aldean


    Shania Twain and Gavin DeGraw


    Ellie Goulding




8 thoughts on “Top Ten Facts About Me

  1. I’m so jealous that you’ve been to so many places. 😦 I need to start traveling more! I have no reason not to! Yay concerts! I haven’t been to one in awhile, I need to gooooo!


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