Mid Summer Update

We are nearing the end of July so I thought I would throw out a little mid summer update.  This summer has been crazy busy for me!  So much has been going on in my personal life between friends and vacations that I haven’t really had that much time to read.  This coming weekend will be our first weekend home in a month!  In my June review post, I showed that I had read 9 books including 1 audiobook.  For me that isn’t a bad month of reading but it’s not a good month either.  Somewhere in between.  However, my July might be even lower if things continue the way they have been.  I have only finished 4 books so far and one was a short story, only 40 pages long.

Even though I knew I was going to be busy, I set myself a TBR based on books that I had been really wanting to read for the last few months.  So far I have completed 2 books off the list, which you can see I have marked with a yellow checkmark.  I am currently reading a 3rd from the list.


I am really not sure which of these books I will want to read next.  It will depend a lot on my mood after finishing The Song of Achilles.  I am leaning towards either The Heart of Betrayal or The Lesser Bohemians.  With August coming up, I won’t be doing a completely new TBR because I am still wanting to read all of the books in this pile.  I may do an updated photo to include some additions to the stack and take out the ones I have finished.  Hopefully I can finish at least a couple more before the end of the month.

Although I may be behind on my reading this month, I am not behind on my Goodreads challenge of reading 110 books this year.  I am 31 books ahead of schedule so at least I can feel good about that.  I have been debating raising my goal now or waiting until I have met the current goal.  I am also making decent progress on my 2016 Read My Books Challenge!  My goal is to read 60 of my own books this year and so far I have read 38.   I am really trying hard to get my collection of owned but unread books under control and that is what this challenge is all about.

In other news, one month from today the next round of Bout of Books will be starting!  I am so excited!  I love doing readathons but I think Bout of Books is my favorite.  It gives me the perfect excuse to tell my husband that I will be spending all of my free time reading during that week! And I love the fun challenges and interacting with other participants.  Stay tuned for my sign-up post as it gets closer to the event!  I already have a few ideas on what I would like my goals to be for the challenge.

How is your summer reading going?





3 thoughts on “Mid Summer Update

    • So far the ones I read have been great! I did have to give up on my arc of The Lesser Bohemians before I even finished the first page because it is just so bizarre and hard to read. I skimmed through the rest of the book to see if the whole thing was like that and it was 😦 Oh well!

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  1. I seem to slow down my reading in the summer, too. Too many other fun things going on that I don’t have as much reading time as normal, and I think that’s okay! I tried to focus more on reading when I took my blogging break. It definitely helped a little. You’re killing it on the GR challenge! I love Bout of Books…it’s a great excuse for me to read more than normal. 😉

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