Epic Reads Reading Decathlon Challenge!

Yesterday afternoon as I was browsing my Twitter feed, I came across this new challenge that Epic Reads put forth for people to take an epic stab at getting more books crossed off their TBR.  At first I thought, Great! This will be perfect for me! Then when I really thought about reading 10 books in 10 days… maybe not so much.  Then last night as I was starting to get ready for bed, I got hit with the biggest urge to just go for broke and do this challenge! I stayed up a little later to browse my bookshelves for books that I thought would be great for this challenge and before I could change my mind I posted on Twitter that I would be doing this challenge! Click on the photo to go to the Epic Reads website to read more about this challenge if you want to participate!


You basically choose which medal you want to shoot for and I decided to just go straight for the gold!  So I put together 10 novel length books (a couple of the books are memoirs).  The guidelines also state you can use your current read as one of the 10 books so you don’t have to wait to start the challenge.  Since I still have a little over 300 pages left of A Court of Mist and Fury, I decided that I would just start today and make that my first book of the challenge.  The nice thing about this is that there isn’t a set start date. You can choose when you want to start! Here is the stack of books I chose for this challenge.


I am starting off this challenge on page 301 of A Court of Mist and Fury.  It is 624 pages long.  Once I finish that, I will just begin picking my way through the books in the pile until my 10 days are up and I have hopefully finished them all!  I will do a recap post at the end of the 10 days but I will also be posting my progress on Twitter and Instagram (both are @pennma05) so you can follow along there to see how I’m doing.

Bout of Books 17 begins the day after I finish this challenge so I will be doing A LOT of reading in the next two weeks!  Next Friday I will be posting my TBR and goals for BoB 17.

Are you planning to do the #ReadingDecathlon?



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