Whirl by Emma Raveling

12882683Whirl by Emma Raveling

Published September 16th 2011 by Mandorla Publishing (first published September 15th 2011)

258 Pages

Goodreads Summary: Outspoken and independent, Kendra Irisavie has always played by her own rules.
She’s an ondine, a water elemental gifted with the powerful magic of Empath Virtue and trained to be a fighter. Pursued by Aquidae demons, she and her mother remain Rogue, hiding among humans to avoid becoming casualties in an ancient war.
Everything changes when violence erupts on Kendra’s seventeenth birthday. A dark stranger appears, promising answers to her mysterious past and stirring unexpected feelings in her fiercely guarded heart.
But as Kendra uncovers the truth about her heritage and future, she realizes just how deep the lies and deception run.
Now, in the face of unthinkable odds, she will need all her wits, skills, and magic to fulfill an extraordinary prophecy.
The first in a sweeping urban fantasy series, Whirl is the beginning of a young woman’s exhilarating journey for survival, love, and hope as she fights for her place in a world where she doesn’t belong.

Review: I was given this book by a good friend who really loves this series. I have never really read any books with mermaid like creatures so I was excited to read this one. While I did enjoy the story, ondine lore and characters, there was one thing about the book that I struggled with and that was how similar it felt to Vampire Academy (which I did not like).  If I had to choose between the two books I would definitely choose this one without a doubt though.  I connected with these characters more and I loved that it was about the ondines.  I am really wanting some more of Tristan Belicoux in my life!  I am curious to see how the rest of the story plays out so I will be continuing on with the series.

3 Stars

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