The Light Trilogy Book 2 TITLE REVEAL!

All right guys! Are you ready for this?!  The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived! The title of the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning, best-selling Shattered Blue has been revealed! Get ready for the next installment in The Light Trilogy, RENEGADE RED! You can now apply to receive a reviewer ARC of Renegade Red on author Lauren Bird Horowitz’s website! Thanks for playing along in the title reveal game, RENEGADES! Stay tuned for more exciting RED reveals by subscribing to THE LIGHT LETTER and following Lauren on social media!


So excited for this book to be released!  I can’t wait to have more Noa, Judah, Callum, and Sasha in my life!

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Haven’t read Shattered Blue, book 1 of The Light trilogy, yet?  Get it from Amazon here!  I have read it at least 3 times!

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