3 days, 3 people, 3 interviews – Day 2: Interviewing Maren from thewornbookmark.


3, days, 3 people, 3 interviews is a feature I’ve created for (only) my blog where each month I interview three people in three days in a row. Each month has a new theme (for example, this month, I’ll be interviewing bloggers – and the next month could maybe be bookstagrammers or art bloggers etc.) The three interviews are to go up on the first three days of each month.

This feature was created so that you could get to know some of my favorite people (bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, etc.) and their blogs, lives, etc.

This month’s theme is – Bookbloggers.

You can read yesterday’s post (in which I interviewed Jill @booknerdreads)by clicking here. 

Today, our guest here at this blog is Maren from TheWornBookmark. Maren is a 30 year old bookworm who is currently living in Minnesota with her husband and 2 cats. She loves reading, photography, traveling…

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