Bout of Books 23: Day 7

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Another successful day of reading under my belt. We spent most of the day working on some house projects. Our entryway chandelier was SUPER ugly – brass and glass. We had bought a new one to replace it months ago but finally got a ladder tall enough to switch it out. We have really high vaulted ceilings in the entryway and living room.  Our new one is awesome and works so well with the decor theme we’ve got going on. We also finally got up my new ceiling fan in my library room. The old one that was there when I was growing up died a long time ago and my parents never got around to putting up a new one, which I’m kind of glad about because then I got to pick out the one I wanted. So now I’ve got some air movement in my room which helps to make it feel less like a basement room. The rest of the day I spent in my library doing various things and trying to think of what I was in the mood to read next. I wasn’t really sure what I was in the mood for so I ended up grabbing the next graphic novel volume of Saga and reading the whole thing. It was good but in my opinion not as good as some of the previous volumes.

Today is the last day of the readathon so I’m hoping to get in some good reading today. Still not quite sure what I’m in the mood to read though so I’ll have to figure that out first. If I end up not figuring out what I want to read and end up just leaving my stats where they are, I’ll still be happy because I exceeded my unspoken goal of reading at least 1,000 pages and I finished 4 books.

Day 6 Update:

Pages Read: 152

Total Pages Read: 1,110

Books Read From:

  • Saga vol. 7

Books Finished:

  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han
  • The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang
  • Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum
  • Saga vol. 7


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