My Home Library


To make my life a little easier, I have made a complete list of my physical books in Google Sheets so I only have to update the list in one place.  Please feel free to check out my list by clicking on the included link!  I am also gradually updating the list with additional information like number of pages, year of publication, genre, etc.

My Home Library

Total # of Physical Books: 862

Total # Unread Physical Books: 436 (50.58%)

Total # of Kindle Books: 332

Total # Unread Kindle Books: 282 (84.94%)

Total # Graphic Novels: 54

Total # Unread Graphic Novels: 18 (33.33%)

Total # Audible Titles: 165

Total # Unlistened Audible Titles: 56 (33.94%)

Last Updated 1/6/22