Book Review: Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Publication: June 13, 1995 by Putnam Adult

Pages: 244

Goodreads Summary: When the beautiful and precocious sisters Sally and Gillian Owens are orphaned at a young age, they are taken to a small Massachusetts town to be raised by their eccentric aunts, who happen to dwell in the darkest, eeriest house in town. As they become more aware of their aunts’ mysterious and sometimes frightening powers — and as their own powers begin to surface — the sisters grow determined to escape their strange upbringing by blending into “normal” society.

But both find that they cannot elude their magic-filled past. And when trouble strikes — in the form of a menacing backyard ghost — the sisters must not only reunite three generations of Owens women but embrace their magic as a gift — and their key to a future of love and passion. Funny, haunting, and shamelessly romantic, Practical Magic is bewitching entertainment — Alice Hoffman at her spectacular best.

Review: Wow… I am shocked that I am about to say this but I SO prefer the movie over the book this time!  I love this movie so I was really excited to read the book.  Well, I was this close to not even finishing the book.  It was so long winded and just went on and on and on.  Even though it was only 244 pages long, I felt like it was much longer.  Everything was described in such long detail that it was just overboard.  I was not into this book at all.  So disappointed.  In the movie I loved Sally Owens and even Gillian but in the book, I just couldn’t feel anything but annoyance for either one of them.  Ugh.

2/5 stars