Top Five Books I Hope Santa Brings

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Each week there is a new topic and this week’s topic is: Top Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings!  A little bit out of the ordinary this year but I actually didn’t request too many books this year.  Here are some of the books I would LOVE to find under the tree though!

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  • Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood
  • Pet Sematary by Stephen King
  • The Complete Book of Home Organization by Toni Hammersley
  • The Complete Book of Clean by Toni Hammersley
  • Outlander Kitchen by Theresa Carle-Sanders

And there you have it!  I’m currently in a place where I feel weird about getting new books when I have so many that are unread so my must-haves list is pretty small right now.  What books are you hoping to get for Christmas?

Come back next week for a much more exciting and full list – Top Ten 2018 Releases On My TBR 

December 2016 Book Haul

Happy New Year everybody!! I hope you all had a fun evening to celebrate the new year! 2016 was kind of a crappy year for a lot of things so I’m very excited about having a fresh start. 

I was actually pretty impressed about my book buying this past month. I didn’t buy as many as I had been. I also received a couple as gifts or giveaways.

I received this ARC from The Novl. It publishes just a couple of days from now and I’m very excited to read it. 

I was lucky enough to win a Twitter giveaway this month for a signed copy of Ivory and Bone! I can’t wait to read this one!

From my brother and sister-in-law I received this stunning book! The inside is so awesome!

I actually received two copies of this for Christmas. One from my mom and one from my hubby’s cousin. I’m going to exchange one copy but I’m not sure what book I’ll get in its place yet.

From my dear friend I got this gorgeous reading journal! I’m so excited to use it. I think it will be really helpful when I’m trying to write book reviews. There are gorgeous illustrations too of female literary characters with quotes dispersed throughout the book. And also some book award lists for reading inspiration. Check out the inside! 

Isn’t it awesome! I also love how there is a section to put books to check out and your favorites. 

I read and loved Salt to the Sea by Rita Sepetys so I knew I wanted to read her other books. I had Between Shades of Grey already so this month I decided to get Out of the Easy.

I have yet to start this series but I have been repeatedly assured that I will love it so I got the 4th book and preordered the 5th book.

This was another one of my preorders! I had read this story when Colleen had it up on Wattpad and knew that I wanted a physical copy if she were to ever publish it. I got it signed too 🙂

Then to complete my CoHo physical collection I bought the Never Never books she wrote with her bestie, Tarryn Fisher.

I’ve been starting to collect the Supernatural novelizations and I found this one on Book Outlet.

I also found a few classics on Book Outlet that I wanted to add to my collection. I love the Modern Library Classics editions.

Ever since I found out about these Harry Potter covers, I knew I had to have them! I found the boxed set on Book Outlet and jumped on it. 

I also added another edition of Cross Stitch aka Outlander to my ever expanding collection. This is a rare limited print edition and I got a great deal on it on eBay.

So that is my final book haul of 2016! I can’t wait to start reading all of these books.

Day 9 – 12 Days of Christmas Blogging


Day 9 – Who will be sitting with you for Christmas dinner?

I have several answers for this since we are having 4 Christmas celebrations and only one of which will have a sit down Christmas dinner.

On Christmas Eve we will be going to church with my parents and Grandma then going back to my parents’ house for Christmas movies, puzzles and cookie decorating.  We don’t usually have a sit down Christmas meal.

On Christmas Day we will be heading out to my grandmother-in-law/uncles-in-law’s farm for Christmas lunch and opening presents.  This is the only sit down dinner we will have.  I usually sit between my hubby and my brother-in-law for dinners out at the farm.  Other people present will be my mother-in-law, grandmother-in-law, and two uncles-in-law.

After this we will be heading to my hubby’s other grandparent’s house to do some presents and catching up.  I’m not sure who will be there besides his grandparents.  They usually have the big gathering on Christmas Eve but we trade off years between that and being with my parents so this year we are missing the Gunderson gathering.

Then we will head back to my parents house to spend more time with my grandma.  My uncle, aunt and two cousins will also be coming over for this.

I am very excited to see all of my various family this Christmas.  My brother and his wife won’t make it up this year though which makes me a little sad.

Day 8 – 12 Days of Christmas Blogging


Day 8 – Share a local Christmas tradition in your town or country.

In our town we celebrate Christmas/winter by having Winter Walk in our historic downtown area.  All of the shops stay open late, there are Christmas decorations everywhere.  There are Clydesdale wagon rides, horse drawn buggy rides, bonfires, hot cocoa and more.



My mom is the town’s middle school music and choir teacher so her kids always have groups caroling on the street corners and one of her choirs always sings a bunch of carols at Bridge Square.


Here is her choir at Bridge Square this year!  She is in the red puffy vest with her back to the camera.

And this year we had the pleasure of finding out that there is going to be a Christmas movie filming in our town starting in January!  They had a crew filming around downtown to catch some B-roll footage that will be used in the movie.  I think it’s going to be a Hallmark type movie.  My mom got filmed directing her choir and she loves those kinds of movies so it would be really excited if they used footage of her in this movie!  Here is an article about it!


This was when I saw them filming her!  I had to take a picture to show her.  She was so excited!  After her choir was done they went up and talked to her for a bit.

So that is how my town celebrates Christmas!


Day 7 – 12 Days of Christmas Blogging


Oh man, this was a fun ride down memory lane!  I found a bunch of old photos.


This one goes way back to my very first Christmas!  I was only a month old.


Fast forward a few years to a Christmas we spent at my grandparent’s house with some of my cousins.  I’m the second from the right.


A year or two after that…  I hated that dress by the way.  So uncomfortable.


Super fast forward about 20 years to last year when I read Outlander for the first time!


And here we are back in the present.  I spent the weekend loom knitting scarves for Christmas presents while watching Christmas movies.  It was a very cozy weekend.