The Whole Way Home by Sarah Creech

27213207The Whole Way Home by Sarah Creech

Published June 6th 2017 by William Morrow

368 Pages

Goodreads Summary: A ferocious talent on the brink of making it big in Nashville must confront her small town past and an old love she’s never forgotten in this engaging novel—a soulful ballad filled with romance, heartbreak, secrets, and scandal from the author of Season of the Dragonflies.

Playing to packed houses while her hit song rushes up the charts, country singer and fiddler Jo Lover is poised to become a big Nashville star like her idols, Loretta, Reba, and Sheryl. To ensure her success, Jo has carefully crafted her image: a pretty, sassy, down-to-earth girl from small-town Virginia who pours her heart into her songs.

But the stage persona she’s built is threatened when her independent label merges with big-time Capitol Records, bringing Nashville heartthrob JD McCoy—her first love—back into her life. Long ago Jo played with JD’s band. Then something went wrong, they parted ways and took their own crooked roads to stardom. Now, Jo’s excited—and terrified—to see him again.

When the label reunites them for a show, the old sparks fly, the duet they sing goes viral, and fans begin clamoring for more—igniting the media’s interest in the compelling singer. Why is a small-town girl like Jo so quiet about her past? When did she and JD first meet? What split them apart? All too soon, the painful secret she’s been hiding is uncovered; a shocking revelation that threatens to destroy her reputation and her dreams. To salvage her life and her career, Jo must finally face the past—and her feelings for JD—to become the true Nashville diva she was meant to be.

Review: Overall I really enjoyed this book about two fictional famous country artists. I really felt for Jo and JD and was definitely hooked on their sort of estranged relationship. There were a few times I almost cried because of something that was revealed about Jo’s past. I really loved the chemistry between the two of them. Her engagement to Nick just felt bland and boring. The one thing I wasn’t completely sold on with this book was the side story of Denver and Alan. I liked them but didn’t really think their part of the story added anything to the main character’s storyline.  Upon further reflection of their story though, I believe that it was in the book to add to the message that country music, and the music industry in general, isn’t very inclusive, doesn’t allow for a lot of creativity beyond trucks, drinking, and girls in bikinis.  Denver and Alan are a two man band called the Flyby Boys with Alan as the lead singer and guitarist and Denver on the drums.  They play in a club every night, hoping to get noticed by a record label.  I don’t want to say anymore about it because it kind of gives it away.  It felt a little bit like a Nicholas Sparks books mixed with the movie Country Strong.  I’m a fan of some country artists, including some of the classics like Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash so it was fun seeing them mentioned throughout the course of the book.  Even if you’re not a fan of country music I think you will enjoy this book if you’re looking for a good romance with a splash of scandal.
I received a copy of this book from the publisher through LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.

4 stars


End of the Week Update + Look At Next Week

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any sort of update on the recent happenings in my life, bookish and non, so that’s what this post is!  Are you ready? 😉  If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you should 🙂 ), then you have seen quite a few of these pics already.

Two weeks ago my little brother got married to his college sweetheart.  They got married in the same, small Iowa town that we a bunch of us went to college in.  My great uncle, my dad and his two brothers, my mom (that’s where my parents met), my aunt (married to my dad’s youngest brother), myself, my brother and my new sister-in-law.  It was fun going back to that town.  I haven’t been back there since my brother graduated in 2013.  I spent 4 years of my life living in that town (2005-2009) so it was fun to see how much it has changed and how much it hasn’t.  It was a beautiful wedding and I couldn’t be happier for my brother.

jimstephweddingTop right photo is of the mother-son dance.  Middle photo is of Ethan and I.  We were host and hostess along with Steph’s brother and sister-in-law at the reception.  Bottom right is of my Dad having a great time dancing in one of my brother’s friend’s crazy suit coats lol.

Then this past weekend on Sunday I was lucky enough to get to go see one of my favorite country musicians, Jason Aldean.  We were extra lucky that it was one of the few concerts that he teamed up with Kenny Chesney at outdoor stadiums.  It was a great concert and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect!

jasonaldean concertThe other day I got some GREAT book mail but I will be saving photos of that until I do a book haul post at the end of the month.  I also got some great deals on some new shoes yesterday so I can’t wait to get those in the mail!  Tonight Ethan and I are having a little date night.  On Sunday we’re heading down to Austin, MN to visit my Grandma for the day.  I have Monday through Wednesday off work so Monday I am getting together with a friend to have a shopping day.  On Tuesday I get to cross off one of the biggest things on my bucket list…

shania-twain-2015-rock-this-country-tour-art-400pxAfter many, many years of waiting… Shania Twain is back on tour!  Totally can’t wait for this concert!

That’s it for the non-bookish updates.  As for bookish updates, I am pretty behind on my 20 Books of Summer Challenge.  July is almost over and I’m only less than halfway through my list!  Luckily once August hits I’ll be able to knock off some more during carpool since I don’t have to drive.


Currently I am reading Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.  I like it but not as much as I thought I would so that’s a little disappointing.  I still have no interest in The Distant Hours so I’m almost 99% positive that one will end up being a DNF.  With some time off work next week I am really looking forward to getting a lot of reading done!

Monday will be my last book haul of the month (and hopefully for awhile) with the exception of a few packages that are still on their way.  So stay tuned for my July Book Haul post coming up next week! 🙂

And that’s it!  Thanks for stopping by!

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